NISM launches Lagos Chapter, Harp On Partnerships For Sovereign Economic Growth


Wednesday, February 15, 2017 4.00 PM / Proshare WebTV

The Nigerians in the Square Mile (NISM) an initiative that brings together top professionals based in United Kingdom, launched its Lagos chapter today at the Nigeria stock exchange. 

This marked the alignment of the Diaspora community in London and the Lagos professionals, with the essence of creating a synergy that will be boost economic activities in Nigeria. 

In his opening remarks, the Patron and CEO of the Nigeria Stock Exchange Mr Oscar Onyema commended the NISM, for its professional excellence and leveraging the diaspora for Nigeria’s economic development.

He also acknowledged the efforts of the NISM leadership in promoting opportunities for inclusiveness in the Nigerian economy. 


Highlighting the value of the Nigerians in Diaspora community, Mr Onyema noted that for the year 2016 about $36bl was diaspora remittance figure into the economy. 

Chairman of the NISM Mr Paul Onifade said the body was set out to “Bridge the gap between the London and Lagos financial markets”. 

Speaking further Onifade asserted that since inception, the focus has been to promote investment opportunities for Nigeria and also build  strong partnerships with Nigerians. 

With a vast think-thank growup, Mr Onifade informed market stakeholders that the NISM had great interests in developing areas like Medical Tourism and Agribusiness in the country. 

Mr Ikenna Iroche, member of NISM and Managing Partner Black & Gold Partners shared the value of the diaspora, relating it to how the Chinese,Indians and Jews have utilized them to develop their economies. 

Iroche called for  more strategic and deliberate networks between the Nigerians in diaspora and those at home, believing that it is such partnerships that will transform the financial market landscape of cities like Lagos. 

Speaking further on NISM, Iroche claimed that it had a trust networks for credible business deals and transactions that Nigerians and investors can engage in.  

The Launch of the Nigerians in Square Mile (Lagos Chapter) comes at a time Nigeria needs to leverage its diaspora community efforts to develop its economy, through the increase in investments, and strategic partnerships.  

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