Global Market: Argentina, Italy lead as Best Performing Stock Markets in the World


Tuesday, April 08, 2015 06.50am / TheAnalyst

Stock markets all around various regions, economic blocs and the world have been reacting to peculiar factors which can be traced to those regions or economic unions while the fall in global oil prices cannot be ruled out as a factor that have been affecting world economy in which global stock markets are not immune.

Right from Europe to Africa, Asia and the US, stock markets seem to be witnessing some rallies as seen in the performance of benchmark gauge across Europe towards the end of Q1 2015.

In the Nigerian Stock Market which is our primary monitoring market, the key benchmark index, NSE ASI, ended Q1 2015 with -8.40%. The 2015 general elections is partly and greatly responsible for this performance.

However, on announcing Gen Muhammadu Buhari as the winner of the 2015 presidential elections, Nigerian equities market rallied on the first trading after the announcement to record +8.30% daily gain (about N903bln gain in Market Capitalization). This erased substantial part of the negative YTD return while the market currently records +3.09% YTD gains before it closed for the Easter break on 2nd April, 2015.

1.    Argentina (Merval): 33.34% YTD

The Argentine Merval index is reported to have started rebounding since mid-December while the country is also said to be one of the South American countries that have not yet responded to weak oil prices.

The country is scheduled to hold its national elections in October and hope the pressure from the election won’t affect its impressive stock market performance.


2.    Italy (FTSE Italia All-Share Index): 24.84%
The Italian stock market was reported to have been well positioned for a bull market long before now. It was said that how the Italian stock market has taken years to correct the technical damage and define a high probability entry while the Greece negotiations has been was reported to have overshadowed the improving conditions of the market and other European markets.

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3.    Germany (DAX): 22.05%
The German DAX was reported to have posted its strongest Q1 2015 quarterly performance. This surged, as reported, was boosted by the European Central Bank's asset-buying scheme which has helped weaken the euro currency

Source: Reuters, Before Its News

4.    Russia (RTS Exchange): 21.77%
The Russian Stock Market is described as one of the most attractive stock market in the world. So far, it has recorded 21.77% YTD gain to place fourth among Exchanges around the world.

Some believed now is the time to invest in the Russian stock market as oil price as hit the bottom.

Source: Business Insider

5.    China (SSE Composite Index): 21.57%

China’s stock market which is one of the best performing markets in the world in the previous year has recorded 21.57% YTD gains in 2015 as latest survey revealed the growth is being driven by new investors in the China market.

Source: Business Insider

6.    France (CAC40): 18.76%
The France CAC 40 Index is sixth as it records 18.76% YTD gains. As reported, surged was boosted by the European Central Bank's asset-buying scheme which has helped weaken the euro currency.

Source: Reuters, Before Its News

7.    Austria (ATX): 17.85%
Austria stock market index recorded 17.8% YTD gains so far in 2015 while the factors driving the rally cannot be established at the moment but the asset buying scheme by the European Central Bank cannot be ruled out as a supporting factor.

Source: Reuters

8.    China (SSE 180 Index): 16.02%

Same scenario in 5 works here.

Source: Business Insider

9.    Netherlands (AEX general): 16%
The AEX General recorded 16% YTD gains as the asset buying scheme by the European Central Bank continue to take effect on European markets.

Source: Reuters

10.  Belgium (BEL-20): 14.86%
The Belgium stock market index recorded 14.86% YTD gains so far in 2015 while the asset buying scheme by the European Central Bank which has a driving factor for other European markets cannot be ignored here too.

Source: Reuters

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