TOURIST, CCNN and 21 Others Have Free Float Deficiencies


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The issue of free float deficiencies of listed entities on The Exchange remained one of the critical listing requirements that is constantly reviewed.  

Companies that are listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange are required to maintain a minimum free float for the set standards under which they are listed in order to ensure that there is an orderly and liquid market for their securities.


The free float requirement for companies under the various boards are as follows:


  1. ASEM Board - A minimum of 15% of issued and fully paid up shares.


  1. Main Board   - A minimum of 20% of the issued and fully paid up shares.


  1. Premium Board - A free float of a minimum of 20% of issued and fully paid up shares or the value of its free float is equal to or above N40 billion on the date The Exchange receives the Issuer’s application to list.


Companies with free float deficiencies do have the grace to apply for waivers from the Regulation Committee of the National Council of The Exchange (RegCom), and also provides compliance plans with tentative timelines to support their requests for waivers.  

The RegCom, in return, considered and approved an extended timeframe for the companies to regain compliance with the listings requirement and are required to also provide quarterly disclosure reports to The Exchange detailing their level of implementation of the compliance plans. 

A review of the list of companies with free float deficiencies on the NSE X-Compliance Report of July 5th, 2019 reflected that twenty-three (23) quoted companies currently makes the list with the likes of Lafarge Africa Plc, Ellah Lakes and Cement Companies of Northern Nigeria being the new set of companies to make the list. 

Tourist Company of Nigeria Plc has the highest difference of 18.25% to meet up with its free float requirement. Cement Company of Northern Nigeria Plc followed with 17.03% difference.


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Premium Board and Free Float 

Further analysis on the list of the new firms that made the list revealed that Lafarge Africa Plc is the only company listed on the premium board of the Exchange that made the list


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It will be recalled that we stated above that companies in the premium board requires a free float of a minimum of 20% of issued and fully paid up shares or the value of its free float is equal to or above N40 billion. 

Analysis on the value of Lafarge Africa’s free float as at July 11th, 2019 put the figure at N35.59bn while its free float of 16.13% represents about 2.6bn shares.


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Download Here – NSE X-Compliance Report – July 5th, 2019

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