Stocks Trading at Highest and Lowest Prices @13Jun13



Saturday, June 15 2013 / The Analyst

The periodical review of stocks trading at their years highs and lows remains a very important factor in equity research as it remains a very useful predictive tool in determining the future price movements. Though it should not be considered in isolation but it does prompt investors to ask questions when things begin to look unclear right from share price perspective.

In our previous report on Stocks trading at their high and low prices, there were twelve (12) stocks trading at their high with DNMEYER and OANDO taking the lead, ten (10) stocks were trading at their low with MORISON and MULTITREX taking the lead while thirty five (35) other stocks closed static.

In furtherance of this review, there are currently eight (8) stocks trading at their 2013 high on the Nigerian bourse as at June 13, 2013. NEIMETH led the group of 2013 highs-to-date with +79.59% YTD gain followed by REDSTAREX and NNFM with +70.00% and+40.97% respectively. 


Beneath are sixteen (16) stocks currently trading at their 2013 low with MORISON leading with -42.07% YTD losses while VONO and DEAPCAP came second and third respectively with -40.63% and -33.66% losses.



Eighty (80) other stocks remained static as they have not recorded any gains/loss till date. This figure represents a slight drop in the number of static stocks recorded in our previous reports as they stood at eighty-six (86) then.

Forty-eight (45) out of the 80 stocks, representing about 56.25% of the total number of stocks involved are currently trading at their nominal prices.





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