Q3 2013 Results: UNITYKAP tops Best Performers as LEARNAFRCA tops otherwise


Monday, December 16, 2013

The measurement of the results of a firm’s policies and operations in monetary terms through financial analysis helps an investor to determine the financial performance as well as the viability of a company before reasonable investment is made in such entity.

The individual measurement of how well a firm can use its assets in its primary and core business to generate revenue facilitates an investor’s judgment on the overall financial health of a firm over a period of time and such endeavor can be used to compare related entities across the same industry.

A cursory review of quoted companies’ performance based on Result Screener investment tool show the performance of firms based on criteria as best performers, worst performers, negative turnaround and companies with positive turnaround.


Best Performers

The best performer reflects a set of companies who has performed very well in Q3 ’13 based on the level of growth recorded in the Net Profit within the specified period of review.

UNITYKAP tops this group with +419.5% as CONOIL and FO follows as second and third in that order with +328.55% and +316.97% growth.

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Worst Performers

The worst performers saw LEARNAFRCA emerged as the firm with the highest negative growth in Net Profit of -2531.09% while DANGFLOUR and MORISON both record -289.27% and -238.06% respectively.

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Negative Turnaround


The negative turnaround table is a compilation of companies that have recorded a negative growth in Sales revenue.

AUSTINLAZ tops such firms with -68.77% while LEARNAFRCA and SOVRENINS are second and third correspondingly with -42.1% and -26.72% growths.

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Positive Turnaround


The positive turnaround which is the otherwise of the negative turnaround saw UBCAP emerges with +306.48% positive growths while CUSTODYINS came next with +109.33% growth.

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