NSE Trade Smart and Online Trading - TNI Q4/E8


Thursday, November 26, 2015/ 7.20am / The Nigerian Investor, sss@proshareng.com

The launch of the online trading system following the advent of the X-Gen Trading engine in Q3’ 2013 remains a revolution which has changed the face and process of stocks trading in the Nigerian Stock Market.

In March 2014, Meristem Securities was the first brokerage firm to embrace the use of best in class technology with the launch of Meritrade and Meriboss trading portals while other firms followed similar trends afterwards.

The early birds online portals after Meritrade include LeadTrader by Lead Securities and Investment, Investnow by United Capital, iTrade by Morgan Capital Securities as well as eTrade by Capital Bancorp Plc.

In relation to its Minimum Operating Standards (MOS) which is anchored on five (5) broad areas which include: Manpower and equipment; Organizational structure and governance; Effective processes; Global competitiveness; and Technology, the Exchange on 18th November 2015 started the NSE Trade Smart campaign.



The NSE Trade Smart initiative is a campaign started by NSE encouraging the retail sector of the economy to start trading smart by leveraging on the latest technology offered by Brokers and it is expected to help drive and increase the number of active investors in the market considering the fact that statistics suggest the availability of potential investors.


While the idea of Trade Smart Campaign sounds good as the market needs to get back on the gaining track considering its extended bearish trend with NSEASI YTD performance currently in the negative, it is important to get investors’ confidence restored which is key to positive market performance.


Also, a chunk of the potential investors targeted by the campaign might not be IT savvy and as such this can make the forecast or projection based on mere statistics unrealistic.


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