NB, UNILEVER and 5 other are Early Filers of Q2’16 Results


Monday, July 18, 2016 2:40PM /Proshare Markets 

With the first month in Q3’16 gradually winding down, it is expected that quoted firms will turn in their Q2’16 financials before their due date of 31st July, 2016 as they are only given 30 days grace period. 

So far, seven (7) quoted firm have filed their Q2 2016 financial statements with the Nigerian Stock Exchange as at July 18, 2016  

On early filers, INFINITY was the first firm to file its Q2 2016 financials with the NSE while UNILEVER is the latest of such firms to file as at 18th July, 2016. 

Out of the seven firms, two are from the financial services sector; two are consumer goods and one each from ICT, Healthcare and Service sectors. 

NB declared the highest revenue figure among the firms while PHARMDEKO declared the least revenue figure. On PAT, NB also declared the highest PAT figure while PHARMDEKO declared the least PAT figure with a loss.

A review of Q1 2016 financials released by quoted firms reveals that ninety-three (93) firms have filed their Q1 2016 financial with NSE. 

Companies from the financial services sector dominated the list with 35 firms and closely followed by companies from Services and Industrial Goods sectors with 11 and 10 firms each while Construction/Real Estate sector has the least number of firms.





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