Market Performance grows in March on pre-election rally


Wednesday, April 01, 2015 1.05PM /

The 2015 general elections in Nigeria has been a very critical issue which every stakeholder, foreign investors as well as the international communities have been watching very closely and with keen interest.

The consequential outcome of the elections and its subsequent postponement has continued to affect performance as YTD figure currently stands at -10.29%. The
Nigerian 2015 Election & Markets Tracker  powered by Proshare NG can help put this in perspective.

Market month-on-month performance reveals a whopping -14.70% loss in January 2015 while market activities in February and March 2015 saw +1.38% and +5.45% gains recorded respectively.

With the presidential election done and result announced, it is believed that some level of predictability and stability will return to the market as this will give key market player the courage and opportunity to engage the market and participate actively without fear or suspicion.

You can keep up with the
2015 Presidential election result here with relevant news flashes.

Primary market activities which represent one of the key barometers to help measure the health of market remain relatively non-active during the month while a few rights issue which opened earlier in the year closed during the month.

As the market stabilizes after the conclusion of the elections, we hope to witness the resumption of normal primary market activities as well as the resumption of key market activities from the regulators such as the launch of the premium board by NSE and other activities in the pipeline which help propel the market

In this edition of The Nigerian Capital Market Service Report, we continued the updates of our various data section with latest updates required in the report.  This is to ensure that we deliver a comprehensive capital market service report that helps cover and track innovations, developments as well as service issues in the market effectively.

In all, the March 2015 SSS Quality Report is a snapshot and aide memoire of these developments as we keep tracking milestones that the investing public should be aware of.

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