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List of Companies that make up NSE Sectoral Indices



February 20, 2012

Nigerian Stock Exchange has five sectoral indices that are used to gauge the sectoral performance and efficiency of the stock market.

The sectoral indices can help investors to select better stocks to invest in by identifying the most promising sectors and review the performance of companies within the sector to determine which individual stock would provide better returns.

The five sectors on the Nigerian bourse are;

1.    NSE 30

2.    NSE Food & Beverages

3.    NSE Banking

4.    NSE Oil & Gas; and

5.    NSE Insurance

NSE 30 which measures the performance of Blue Chip stocks comprises of 30 stocks, NSE Food & beverages has 10 stocks, NSE Insurance has 10 stocks while NSE Oil & Gas and NSE Banking has 5 and 10 stocks respectively.

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