Independence Day Free Investment Education Summit


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 9:20AM / Invest Data

Registration is free, register to participate

APT Securities & Funds Ltd in association with Investdata Consulting Ltd will on October 2, 2017 host a Free Independence Day Education Summit themed “Profitable Stock Market Trading Strategies For Financial Independence and Freedom”  

Have you traded the stock market before and failed? It is a known fact that about 90% of people who trade without knowledge and understanding of the dynamics will end up losing 90% of their capital most of the time.

You don’t have to be one of them. Therefore, attend this Free Investment Education Summit and learn how to trade such that you could be one of the lucky 10%, who manage to consistently play the market profitable by themselves through our online portal from your phone and laptop anywhere in the world. Consistency is the key to equity trading and investing successfully. 

At APT Securities and InvestData we have been teaching investors simple and proven strategies which when implemented makes you a successful trader and investor in any market conduction, especially when it comes to equipping them well enough to know how to protect their portfolios and profit from market correction in a recovering economy and market. 

We have also, over time, focused attention on attuning the mindset of investors and traders to managing risk, while eliminating emotions when trading so as to avoid irrational investment decisions. 

Attend the Independent Day Free Investment Education Summit and our team of expert and time-tested resource persons will show you how you too can successfully and confidently trade and invest in stocks profitably on your own from your phone, laptop and/or desktop computer. 

The workshop holds on: 

DATE: October 2. 2017

TIME: 10am – 2.00pm

VENUE: Ostra Hall & Hotel, Behind MKO Abiola Gardens, Opposite NNPC Gas Plant, CBD, Alausa, Ikeja. Lagos. 

What you will learn:
1. The fundamentals of stock trading and investing

2. Trading and investing strategies that will help you manage your risk, protect your capital and profit from market correction.

3. How to trade on your own online, using the APT eTrade platform on your phone and laptop.

4. The psychology of trading and investing and how it will make you successful. 

Registration is free, register to participate

There will be sales of stock trading and investing materials for further understanding at the end of the workshop, Fundamental and Technical Analysis materials, including home study packs you can play and viewed on your phone, laptop and television set, all at 20% discount for attending.  

Technical Analysis software will be installed at 50% discount for participants come with your laptop. You need to prepare yourself and profit from the market and the recovery economy to truly achieve your financial independence and freedom. 

For more enquiries about the programme, please call 08028164085, 08034053018 and 08111811223  

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