Forecasts, Dividends, Listings & De-Listings in H1 2013



Tuesday, July 09, 2013 / TheAnalyst 


We present herewith a summary of the following developments in the market in the first half of the year 2013:


     Forecasts (Untested for Believability): HI 2013                                 

Dividends Declared in H1 2013                                                       

Listings in H1 2013                                                                   

De-Listings in H1 2013                                                               

       Supplementary Listing in H1 2013                                             


Forecasts (Untested for Believability): January – June 2013 




Dividend(s) Declared: January – June 2013




Listings on the Bourse: April – June 2013  


De- Listings on the Bourse: January – June 2013 




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