EVANSMED, Livestock, Forte Oil, McNichols and CAP top Q2'13 Gainers


Tuesday, July 09, 2013 / The Analyst


As at the end of June 2013, and despite the bearish run witnessed in the last few weeks of Q2 ’13, market consolidated on the +35.45% gains recorded at the end of the year 2012 as the NSE All-Share Index (ASI) stayed up by +28.80% at the end of Q2 ’13 (Q1 ’13 = +19.44%).


The table below puts this in perspective.



Market recorded seventy-four (74) gainers as at the end of Q2 ’13 as EVANSMED, LIVESTOCK and Forte Oil led the pack with +279.31%, +277.78% and 120.05% gains respectively.

LOSERS – Q2’13


On the down side, the marketed recorded 37 losers at the end of Q2 ’13 as JOHNHOLT, COSTAIN and Multitrex led the decliners with -59.75%, -47.37% and -47.37% respectively.



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