This is to inform all investors that you can now access your portfolio statements through the CSCS website. 
Benefits to you include:
  • Ability to independently monitor your portfolio statement directly from the CSCS at the comfort of your home or office.
  • Easy access to your shareholding balance at a glance.
  • Easy access to all transaction on your account, such transactions include e-bonus, share certificate verification, sale, purchase and transfers.
  • Reduces chances of fraud on your account.
  • Easy access to your bonus shares immediately after bonus approval and lodgement into CSCS accounts for disposal or update of in-house portfolio.
  • Prompt knowledge of all erroneous transfers of shares from your account which can be immediately rectified.
  • Effective control of all transactions on your account.
  • Improves confidence.
Steps Required for CSCS Online access:
  • Complete the attached CSCS activation form for new subscribers or the Renewal Form where applicable.
  • Complete the debit instruction authorizing FSDH Securities to debit your account for the required fee of the sum of two thousand, five hundred naira only (N2,500) per annum for individual and five thousand (N5,000) for corporate account.
  • Upon activation of the account, CSCS will send login details to investors email address stated in the submitted application form.
Find attached the application forms for your guidance:
This information was submitted to Proshare by FSDH:
Should you require any additional information or clarification please contact any of our help desk officers by sending an email to:;; and or calling Joy, Dewunmi, Peju or Kuburat on the Help desks 0702-854-8472
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