Sugar Prices Rose 0.87% to $0.1043 per Pound as Brazil Dumps Sugar Production for Soy


Friday, August 17, 2018 /6:50PM/FDC

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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1.       Wheat Fell By 0.77% to $5.82 per Bushel Due To Concerns of Weak Global Demand

2.      Sugar Prices Up by 0.09% To $0.1054 Per Pound

3.      Cocoa Prices Declined By 0.13% to $2,254 per MT despite Poor Weather in Ivory Coast

4.      Cocoa Prices Declined By 0.78% to $2,304 per MT on Forecasts of Weak Indonesian Output

5.      Wheat Increased By 1.26% to $4.88 per Bushel

6.      Imperatives for Higher Sorghum Production in Nigeria

7.      Cocoa Prices Up By 1.13% to $2,513 per MT

8.     Sugar Price Fell by 1.33% to $0.114 Per Pound as Outlook for Global Demand Remains Dim

9.      Corn Price Declined By 0.99% to $3.50 per Bushel as US Tariffs on China Weigh on Demand

10.  Corn Futures Up 1.44% to $3.52 Per Bushel

11.   Sugar Prices Declined By 2.94% to $0.1189 Per Pound

12.  Corn Futures Decline By 1.09% to $145 per Tonne

13.  Sugar Prices Lose 1.03% in Value to $0.1254 per Pound

14.  Sesame Seeds - A Diamond In The Rough

15.   Cocoa Prices Fall 0.78% as Prices Are Expected to Trade Lower Due To Adequate Supply

16.  Nigeria Produces About 600,000tonnes of Soybean, Ranked 2nd in SSA

17.   Nigeria Produces 837,000 Tonnes of Papaya, 6.34% of Global Output

18.  Cocoa Price Gains 7% in April 2018 as Ivory Coast Is Seeking to Reduce Output

19.  Cocoa Rallies to 18-month High Amid Concerns of Tightening Global Supply

20. Consumer Confidence Index Fell Sharply by 23 Points to -6.4 Points in Q1 2018


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