Price of a Bag of Rice Declined by 14%


Wednesday, May 17, 2017 9:45AM /FDC

Oil recovered this week to $52pb from last week’s low of $47pb. This was driven by the renewed confidence from Saudi Arabia and Russia to extend the output curb to March 2018.

On the domestic front, headline inflation sustained a downward trend albeit a marginally to 17.24% in April from 17.26% in March. Food inflation however increased to 19.30% from 18.44% as the planting season intensifies. The good news is that the price of a bag of rice declined by 14% to N15, 000.

The attached report summarizes the commodity price movements for this week. 

Burning Economic Issues

·        Oil prices spike to $52pb - Saudi & Russia prefer production cut extension
·        National grid generation up by 3.59% to 3948MWh/h
·        GE plans 2000MW hydroelectric power in Nigeria
·        Diesel down 15% to N170/ltr
·        Headline inflation data to be released this morning
·        Naira appreciates by 1.04% to N386/$
·        Aero plus Arik may be national carrier  

Economic News  

The Good   
·        Oil up by 2.44% to $52pb, revenue positive for Nigeria
·        Rice price down 14% to N15,000   

Power Generation analysis & Impact

May 14th: On grid power output was 3948MWh/hour (up 137MWh/h)
·        Total Power constraints: 1744MW due to gas, line and water constraints
·        Estimated loss: N1.143bn (annualised at N411.48bn /$1.03bn)
·        Improved supply of gas to plants is leading to increased generation, however line constraints at Afam VI persist
·        Diesel down 15% to N170/ltr 


Domestic Commodity Prices Movement




Stock Market

Oil prices

·       Brent crude 2.44% to $52.01pb
·        Saudi Arabia and Russia agree to extend output curb to March 2018
·       Terms of the existing deal to remain the same according to the Saudi energy minister   

Oil markets today   



Outlook – oil prices

·        Experts expect global glut to be eliminated by the end of 2017 due to output curb extension – WSJ
·        Production cuts will be countered by rising production levels in Brazil, Canada and US
·        US rig count has increased for 17 consecutive weeks
·        US shale still pose as a risk to stable prices  
Outlook – agric prices 

·        Growing supplies from the Black Sea Region will weigh on prices  


·        Global sugar exports to exceed demand and thus weigh on prices

·        Supplies from Ghana to offset shortfalls from Ivory Coast  

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