NSACC November Breakfast Discusses Value of Intelligent Enterprises


Thursday, November 29, 2018 7:00PM / Bukola Akinyele, Proshare WebTV


The November edition of the Nigeria-South Africa Chamber of Commerce breakfast forum in Lagos, discussed the theme: “The Future belongs to the Intelligent enterprise” at Eko Hotels & Suites on 29, November, 2018. 

It brought together members of the chambers and the business community in the country. 

Keynote speaker Mr. Zakari Usman EHOD, Business Development, Vodacom Nigeria gave a presentation on Intelligent Enterprise and their role in providing effective service delivery. 

He said an intelligent Enterprise is a company or organization which has “360-degree view of their operations enabling quicker, insight-led decision making processes”.


Key Drivers of an Intelligent Enterprise

According to Zakari Usman 85% of enterprises are developing a data strategy around aggregation, management, as well as mechanisms to turn data insights into actions. 

Giving further insights the Vodacom Nigeria official shared that over 90% of organizations believe that data-driven decisions will help them generate breakthrough customer insights. 

From his analysis over 50% of enterprises stated that it takes months or even years, for their support business functions to make changes in response to evolving business needs.


3 Driving Forces for an Intelligent Enterprise

In his presentation he outlined the fact that Digital disruption, Data explosion, and Customer experience are the driving forces behind the need for companies to transform how they do business and move toward intelligent operations. 

On the first step to build an intelligent enterprise, Mr Zakari Usman advised organizations to evaluate the external pressure that are impacting them today and empower individuals and teams with access to powerful analytic tools. 

Speaking further he believed building an intelligent enterprise derives from the right tools and structures, balancing between agility and governance. 

He said the benefits of an intelligent enterprise are enormous, noting that to be successful there must be transformation of business operations. 

Usman was of the view that enterprises must maximize the value of data asset and empower employees to operate with increased visibility and agility.

 The Vodacom Nigeria Sales Director listed the following as benefits of an Intelligent Enterprise; 

  • Maximizes Data and Insights
  • Employees and Customers
  • Operational Agility
  • Speedily Adapt
  • Increased Productivity
  • Competitive Advantage

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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