Bisi Adeyemi Emerges 17th President of NBCC Outlines 8 Point Agenda


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The newly elected 17th President of the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), Mrs Bisi Adeyemi, has assured members and stakeholders that she would consolidate on the laudable achievements of the past administrations and ensure the consistent and sustainable growth of the Chamber.


She disclosed this at her formal inauguration at the 42nd Annual General Meeting of the NBCC which brought together past presidents of the chamber.


According to her the focal point of her administration will be in eight(8) areas which include;


Improving The Value Proposition to NBCC Members

She said during her tenure NBCC will improve the value proposition to members through better engagement, bespoke benefits, and services, designed to meet the needs of members in a manner that directly impacts business performance. Improved engagement will enable us to better determine the needs of each category of our membership and offer category-tailored services that create value and deliver visible member benefits.


Strengthen the Secretariat for Improved Service Delivery

According to her to ensure that the Chamber is better positioned to deliver improved value to our members and meet its strategic objectives, the NBCC must continue to strengthen the Secretariat. The key competencies required in this regard have been identified and the process of bridging identified gaps that will ensure we have a world-class Secretariat, supported by the appropriate governance structures, policies and processes will commence immediately. Internal governance and control processes to improve efficiency will be strengthened.


Refocus NBCC Sectorial Groups for Maximum Impact

Mrs Adeyemi said the NBCC will achieve the goal of promoting member prosperity through networking, refocusing the Sectorial Groups for better alignment with the objectives of the Chamber and the expectations of member companies. Programmes and Events of the Sectorial Groups will be focused on promoting B2B opportunities. A new Sectorial Groups to cater for the Creative Industry and enhance the robustness of our members will be inaugurated.


Voice of Business - Improve the Efficacy of the Chamber’s Advocacy Role

She stressed that the NBCC shall reposition the Chamber as a vibrant and respected voice of the organized private sector by actively engaging with policymakers and bringing to the fore the pain points of our members, to engender a more conducive environment for doing business. The key to effective business advocacy is to focus on issues that are consistent with the Chamber's mission and vision, create an alignment in this regard with the expectations of our members, collaboratively communicate these issues to policymakers and provide feedback to our members. In this regard, we will host structured advocacy meetings, roundtables, and quarterly briefing sessions.


Integrate British Businesses into NBCC Membership

The 17th NBCC President said the chamber will refocus efforts to Bring Back British Businesses to diversify the membership base and provide closer interaction between Nigerian and British businesses. This effort will be driven primarily via social networking and more informal events with the key objective of delivering seamless trade services to UK companies seeking access to Nigerian Markets and vice versa. We will also continue the efforts to revive the UK Network and better integrate its activities with those of the Chamber to create seamless interaction for the benefit of our members in Nigeria and the UK. In this regard, concerted efforts will be made to deliver the British Trade Centre.


Sustain The Focus on Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

In recognition of the significant role of MSMEs in attaining economic prosperity, she said NBCC will develop, enhance and sustain bespoke MSME services including Business Advisory, Targeted Training, and structured mentorship programmes. We will pursue appropriate strategic partnerships in this regard.


Diversify NBCC Funding Sources

With the commissioning of the NBCC Plaza project, Bisi Adeyemi assured members that NBCC will emplace strategies to actualize the wealth creation opportunities provided by the Multipurpose Plaza Building. We will diversify the Chamber’s funding options beyond the primary source of revenue (membership dues) by positioning the Chamber to attract both local and international grants. We will also improve the value proposition to our sponsors in a bid to ensure sponsorship is a win-win experience. Our Trade Desk will be activated to provide us with the opportunity of earning income in other currencies. We will also prioritize our subscription recovery efforts and build a healthy reserve.


Launch the NBCC Emerging Leaders & Executive Mentoring Programme

She committed to formally launching the NBCC Emerging Leaders Platform, which will serve as a platform through which the Chamber can create impact with younger demography as well as a pipeline to leadership succession. An Executive Mentoring Programme that will pair accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs with their younger counterparts will be established as the NBCC’s contribution to equipping the next generation of business leaders.


She did not doubt that with the support of Council, Exco, the Secretariat and our members, we shall at the end of our tenure have recorded resounding success and delivered on this agenda.


Bisi Adeyemi also paid tribute to the former President of the NBCC Mr Akin Olawole,(late)  who nominated her as Deputy President and lauded her predecessor Mr Kayode Falowo who provided a clear focus with his 12-point agenda, the highpoint of which was the completion of the beautiful headquarters complex conceived twenty-seven years ago.


Until her new position, she was the Deputy President of the NBCC and is also the Managing Director of DCSL Corporate Services Limited.


Giving his remarks earlier at the Annual General Meeting the Outgoing President of the Chamber Mr Kayode Falowo said  2020 was a year unlike any other in modern history due to the COVID-19 pandemic which forced national lockdowns across the globe, disrupted international trade and the global economy, and distorted traditional business models.

According to him the resultant effect of the pandemic forced companies to adopt innovative business models and digital transformative strategies to thrive.

He stated that despite the effect of the pandemic, the year also proved that the NBCC was innovative; it confirmed that the chamber was resilient and can surmount any challenges that are placed before them.

Mr Falowo  highlighted the 12-point agenda of the NBCC which was executed to transform the chamber, which includes;

  • The Completion of the NBCC Plaza and dedication of a facility to host the Trade Desk and a Business Incubation Centre.
  • Restructuring of the Secretariat to enhance service delivery to our members/general public      
  • A holistic review of our Constitution and various charters to remedy some of the observed gaps.
  • Creation of a statutory Committee of the Council for Trade and Investment Promotion and establishment of a distinct Directorate for Trade & Investment in the Secretariat.
  • Establishment and Launching of a Nigerian Trade Centre in the UK to be located in Central London.
  • Enhancement of the membership base through recruitment of high growth and innovative firms over the next two years to drive our cardinal objectives.
  • Revamp and broaden the activities of our traditional programmes.
  • The restructuring of the UK Network through the establishment of a high-powered Board.
  • Actively drive our efforts towards Bringing Back British Businesses ("BBBB Project") to provide closer interaction between Nigerian and British businesses.
  • Improve the quality and level of participation in our Outward and Inward Trade Missions.
  • Revive the British Golf Cup and utilize this as a platform for bringing together market-leading Nigerian and British businesses.
  • Actively promote the NBCC through a well-articulated Branding campaign.


The significant achievement of the 16th President of the NBCC Mr. Kayode Falowo was the completion of the multi-purpose head office complex in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Watch Highlights of the Inauguration Here

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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