CBN Publishes Consumer Protection Framework Guidelines On Disclosure And Transparency


Monday, August 5, 2019, 04:50PM /CBN          



Pursuant to the powers conferred on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) by Sections 2 (d) and 33 (1) (b) of the CBN Act, 2007 (as amended) and Section 57 (2) of the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act [BOFIA] of 2007, as amended, the CBN hereby issues this Guidelines on Disclosure and Transparency, herein referred to as “the Guidelines” to give effect to the Disclosure and Transparency Principle contained in the Consumer Protection Framework (CPF) for institutions regulated by the CBN.

The Guidelines provide minimum Disclosure and Transparency requirements for Financial Institutions under the regulatory purview of the CBN to ensure they provide consumers with all material and relevant information regarding their business relationship in a clear and transparent manner.


The objective of the Guidelines is to protect consumers against the provision of inadequate, misleading or failure to disclose material and relevant information and generally guard against lack of transparency by Financial Institutions in their dealings with consumers. The Guidelines therefore sets out the minimum standards expected from Financial Institutions on consumer protection disclosure and transparency.


The Guidelines shall apply to all transactions by financial institutions licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria and their agents, subsidiaries and associates. These include Commercial Banks,  Merchant Banks, Specialized Banks, Micro-finance Banks (MFBs), Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), Finance Companies (FCs), Bureaux-de-Change (BDCs), Primary Mortgage Banks (PMBs), Credit Bureaux, Mobile Money Operators, Payment Service Banks, Switching Companies, Payment Solution Service Providers, Payment Terminal Service Providers, Non-bank Acquirer, Super Agents and Mobile Money Operators. 

Financial Institutions shall ensure that the provisions of the Guidelines form part of any consumer related transaction, product or service agreement they may enter into with any other institutions which are otherwise not regulated by CBN.

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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