82 Quoted Companies Declared Dividends and Bonuses in 2016


Friday, December 30, 2016 8:46 AM / Proshare Markets

Returns on investments such as bonuses and dividend payments by quoted firms remain a key attraction to shareholders as they usually look up to what various companies have to offer at the end of every financial calendar.

In 2016, eighty-two (82) quoted companies have declared dividends and bonuses on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Financial services sector dominate the list with 27 stocks and closely followed by Consumer and Industrial Goods sectors with sixteen (16) and nine (9) stocks each. Oil & Gas sector has seven (7) stocks while ICT and Natural resources have two (2) each.

Five (5) companies declared bonuses in 2016 with two (2) of such companies declaring both dividends and bonus.
FORTISMFB declared 1F1    while TRANSCORP declared 1F20.

NESTLE, TOTAL, DANGCEM and MOBIL declared the highest dividends in the course of the year with 1900k, 1200k, 800k and 720k dividends declared respectively.

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