CADBURY Announces Commencement of Closed Period


Tuesday, September 29, 2020 / 5:51 PM / NSE / Header Image Credit: Cadbury

This message is to remind all, particularly Cadbury shareholders and other relevant "insiders", that Cadbury Nigeria Plc has commenced a Closed trading period from 24th September 2020 to end 24 hours after the Quarter 3 2020 Unaudited Financial Statements have been released to the public, after which the trading period will be resumed.

During this period, Directors, Audit committee members, staff members and other interested parties who have regular access to Cadbury Nigeria Plc. Financial information, or other sensitive information which may materially affect the price of the securities of the company, should observe this earnings-related closed trading period and not buy or sell Cadbury Nigeria Plc shares.

This is in compliance with the rules of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The rules are also spelled out in our C-14-Insider Trading policy. If you have any questions regarding this policy or the applicability of a part of the policy to you or your activities, please email the Company Secretary at


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Table:  Q2 2020 Unaudited Results

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