5 Situations You Might Not Realize Require Specialized Legal Counsel


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If you’re the average human, it’s highly possible you may find yourself in legal trouble at least once in your life. There are some encounters with the law we tend to shrug off and try to deal with ourselves, but depending on the pickle you’re in it may benefit you to seek the services of an attorney. 

Attorneys can help guide you through complicated legal situations and fight for your best interest. Read on to learn about 5 situations that might require specialized legal counsel.


1.      Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

One of the most common types of lawsuits that people file deals with pharmaceutical companies. People sometimes experience injuries or damages because of a harmful drug that a company releases. This is an important type of lawsuit because it also helps other people learn about a harmful drug so that they don’t use them as well.

When it comes to finding the right law firm to handle your case, you can typically find a law firm that has multiple clients filing against the same company.

For example, you may need a law firm for Truvada lawsuit cases. Truvada, and other brands like it, are TDF (tenofovir disproxil fumarate) drugs designed to help those with HIV manage their infection. However the TDF drugs created by many of these companies produced life-threatening complications in patients. 

If you think you may be entitled to compensation because of a dangerous pharmaceutical drug that you’ve used, don’t hesitate to reach out to a law firm.


2.     Divorce and Child Custody

It’s always wise to seek a lawyer for divorce and child custody. Lawyers in divorce cases, especially if the ex-spouses are not on good terms, can act as mediators and help divide assets. When it comes to child custody cases, lawyers are particularly important because the safety and well being of a child is at stake in cases like these.

3.     Trusts, Estates, and Wills

When someone passes away, they often leave behind a will or other indication of how they want their money and belongings to be divided, usually among family or friends. Having a lawyer to help you navigate this complicated process can be useful, especially if there are any internal conflicts or squabbles among family members about what belongs to whom. 

You will also need an attorney if you are in the process of setting up your official will for after your death. 


4.     Accidents and Personal Injury

One type of accident that you will want a lawyer for is a car accident with injuries. If you are in a car accident that was not your fault and you are injured, you may be eligible for more compensation by getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer. 

You can also get compensated if you are injured in a place of business as the result of obvious negligence. If you get hurt on the job at the place you work, you may be entitled to worker’s comp. A lawyer can help you fight for those claims. 


5.     Criminal Charges

If you’re facing criminal charges, it would benefit you to hire a professional defence attorney. They can help build a case for you and hopefully get charges against you reduced of even dropped. They may be able to reduce the severity of your sentence, especially if you are facing time in jail. 

If you can’t afford a defence attorney, you may be able to find one who does pro bono work. 

Having a trained lawyer by your side as you encounter complex legal situations will help you in the long run. They have the training and experience to navigate the law. You might think you can hold your own in court, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry when head over heels in legal trouble.


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