Nigeria's new Immigration Regulations 2017


Monday, April 24, 2017 8:00 AM / Deloitte

Nigeria’s Minister of Interior launched the new Immigration Regulations 2017 (the Regulation) on 20 March 2017. The objectives of the Regulation is to drive effective implementation of the Immigration Act of 2015 which replaced the Immigration Act of 1963. 

It also aimed at consolidating existing immigration regulations and provide a “one-stop” reference on immigration rules in Nigeria. With these new regulations, Nigeria seems to have taken a major step forward in dealing with modern immigration realities. 

In addition, the provisions contained in the Regulation are expected to fast-track the ease of doing business in Nigeria since this is one of the key objectives of the current administration. Some of the salient points covered in the Regulation include:

·         Entry and exit from Nigeria

·         Control of immigrants

·         Issuance of Nigerian passports and other travel documents

·         Offences and penalties

Although majority of the provisions in the Regulation have been in existence prior to its release, the underpinning idea is to create awareness and put in place a mechanism for ensuring compliance. All foreign nationals are therefore advised to review applicable provisions and ensure compliance to avoid disruption of activities. 

Deloitte immigration team is on hand to provide necessary advisory and compliance support as such has become far more important in navigating the ever-changing landscape. 

Details of the Regulation are fully examined here. 

Copy of the Regulation may be obtained here.

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