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Wednesday, March 18, 2020  / 03:00PM  / MSMEStandards by BAAC


How far can you go with just that little idea you have, do you have the capacity to see beyond what you are trying to build now into something much more sustainable, contributing to the growth of the nation, self and community?


Too often, we are incapable of seeing the possibilities that may arise from the birth of an idea and how phenomenal growth may be if certain things are done right at the very best of times.  Research has shown that more and more people are going into entrepreneurship either full time or as part time. Regardless of what the reasons are for starting the entrepreneurial journey, it is important to avail one's self of the required tools, processes and knowledge that may not necessarily make the journey easier, but at the very least will help to navigate the various regulatory and operational twists that will come along the way.


In light of the challenges to the Nigeria's micro, small & medium scale enterprise (MSME) sector, Business Action Against Corruption (BAAC), a collective action group, has taken it upon itself to develop a portal that may address the growing needs of these MSMEs.


The portal aims to:

  • promote corporate governance;
  • provide access and visibility for stakeholders;
  • bridge the gap between regulatory, statutory bodies and service providers; as well as
  • provide vital and viable content that will allow for informed decision making as an entrepreneur and corporate organization. 


The MSMEStandards portal ( is all about helping to build blocks for governance, controls and anti-corruption compliance in your businesses.


The question then becomes, as a small/medium sized business, still struggling to put together your business, how will the use of the portal be beneficial to you? The answer to this is simple enough. Many of us are too invested in just starting the business with the sole aim of churning out profits, however because businesses are quite different and there will always be factors that may mitigate against the productivity or efficiency of a business, it is quite smart to build from the scratch a process that can help address these issues that may come up in the business life span.  If building governance, controls and compliance guarantees certain benefits, what is there to lose, really?


MSMEStandards is a web portal that brings verified and certifiable service providers within the reach of service users looking to build sustainable business process, introduce the use compliance and anti-corruption controls in their businesses, and go through a ratings or certifications process for your business that may open up access to funding from financial institutions, collaboration and partnership opportunities with foreign and local businesses and a huge knowledge database.


It is in our best interest to initiate building blocks that will not only ensure the sustainability of our businesses but will guarantee that we are adequately primed for all opportunities for growth and expansion that may come our way.


Do visit, register and start your journey towards building for the future. You can contact us via for more information. You can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


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 Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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