Equipping Company Boards, Directors for Corporate Governance Excellence in a Disruptive Era


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As part of efforts to continuously equip today's Boards and adequately prepare them for the emerging challenges of an increasingly complex global environment, FITC, the world-class, innovation-led, and technology-driven knowledge institution under its flagship Board Leadership programme will be hosting Board Chairmen and Directors, Non-Executive Directors, Board Members of financial and non-financial institutions, Director-Generals, Presidents, Managing Partners/CEOs, C-suite and senior executives from both public and private sector organizations across industries in Sub-Sahara Africa. The virtual event themed: 'The Future of Board and Governance: Reporting, Supervising and Risk Management in a Disruptive Era' is scheduled to hold on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th September 2021.

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The renowned faculty for this programme includes John Eades, Chief Executive Officer, LearnLoft Inc. USA; Kunle Elebute, Chairman, KPMG West Africa; Anurag Saxena, Managing Director/CEO Linkcoz Limited, UK, Global Director, Wissen Technology, India; Adepeju Adebayo, Chairman, Traxi Continental Limited, CEO, AFIA and former Commissioner for Agriculture Ogun State; Dr. Hussaini Abdu, Country Director, CARE; and Bisi Adeyemi, Managing Director/CEO, DCSL Corporate Services Limited.


Speaking on the event, the MD/CEO, FITC, Chizor Malize, explained that the sustainability of conventional corporate governance models has recently come into question given the fast-changing world that require new strategies for success. She noted that directors are now operating amid intense competition given that the business environment is being disrupted by shifts in technology, macroeconomics, and geopolitics.


"We have seen that these evolutions and rise of new technologies are likely to threaten the current corporate governance best practices and legislations which could become irrelevant, both for the current organizations and for organizations of the future. This is why FITC Board Leadership programmes are specifically designed to ensure that Boards and senior executives from both public and private sector organizations across industries in Sub-Sahara Africa get the required and exclusive knowledge needed to keep their organizations productive and ahead of competition" Malize said.

Malize added that the complexities and speed of change in technology require that board directors completely see technology as a crucial strategic priority that can unlock new revenues and give them a competitive edge. The Board Leadership programme will enable participants understand the technology adoption implications on their operations such as promoting efficiency and saving costs, and the ability to create more value.


The FITC Board Leadership programme presents a great opportunity for participants to be updated on key issues that will determine today's  and future board performance including corporate governance, disruptive technology, macroeconomics and geopolitics, and provide insights on how to enhance boards oversight role in implementing real change in their boardroom reporting, supervising as well as risk management that will enable them meet emerging challenges in the fast-evolving and increasingly complex global environment in which they operate.


Most organizations are posed with the question of what the board of the future should look like. This is a pressing question today amongst business leaders, as headwinds of change rewrite the rules for success. Innovation, new business models, dealmaking and rapidly evolving technologies are transforming competitive and industry landscapes and impacting boards' strategic plans and prospects for sustainable, long-term value creation. Boards are also feeling the pressure of increased supervisory scrutiny and new requirements that focus on enhanced risk management and governance skills, board composition and diversity, and clearly defined board responsibilities in the interconnected digital economy.

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It is against this background that FITC is organizing "The Future of Board and Governance; Reporting, Supervising and Risk Management in a Disruptive Era" virtual programme for directors, non-executive directors, board members of financial and non-financial institutions, as well as public and private sector organizations across diverse industries and other industries in Sub-Sahara Africa.

FITC Board Leadership programmes have consistently explored and provided strategic insights to Boards on key issues that guarantee their continued relevance by retooling their competencies, skills, and their mindset in a bid to strategically drive business growth and organizational sustainability.


Speaking further, Malize also noted that Board members will always benefit from continuous training and evaluation whether they have years of Board experience or whether it is their first Board director position, because of their very strategic roles and responsibilities. "Boards will always need both the right trainings and tools that will help in driving effective boardroom performance and organizational growth. FITC is bringing together renowned faculty members with wealth of experience serving on Boards of various organizations, to share knowledge and insights on how Boards can build resilience and agility needed to increase organizational success and sustainability" she said.


The distinguished faculty for the programme will be sharing their experiences on some critical topics and subject matters including Global Perspectives on the Future of Board and Governance- Reporting, Supervising and Risk Management at this Times and The Evolving Role of Boards: Meeting the Governance Challenges in a Disruptive Era.


Other topics for discussion include Developing an Effective Governance operating model: A Guide for Financial Services Boards and Management teams; The Future of Governance: The Board's Role in Reporting, Supervising and Strategy Development and Execution in Uncertain Times and The Future of Governance: Best Practices & Key Considerations for Board Success.


With the line-up of world-class executives, risk management and compliance experts, the two-day event which will be infused with strategic experience sharing sessions from past and present board members, promises to be highly insightful and engaging while equipping participants with skills and knowledge robust enough to meet the bourgeoning challenges of a rapidly evolving global environment.

Participants will appreciate the evolving role of the board in meeting governance challenges in a disruptive era, discuss best approaches in developing an effective governance operating model to guide boards and management teams as well as review perspectives on how boards can build the resilience and agility needed to increase organizational success and sustainability. The programme will enable participants to gain insights into the future of governance and the role of the Board in reporting, supervising, strategy development and execution.


To register for the FITC Board Leadership Programme, click here https://fitc-ng.com/events/the-future-of-board-and-governance-reporting-supervising-and-risk-management-in-a-disruptive-era/

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It will be recalled that FITC recreated new and innovative knowledge programmes that kept individuals and organizations they served highly informed, updated, and equipped for a post-COVID-19 era. The Institute developed and launched additional knowledge portfolios such as the FITC Executive Education Institute, the FITC Board Leadership Institute, the FITC Youth Connect Programme with several digital learning solutions including webinars, summits, and conferences.


Well-known across Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa as a client-centric organization strategically focused on developing talents across diverse organizational skill levels, FITC continues to bridge the knowledge gap required under shifting global business conditions, building executives who are exceptional leaders, confident decision-makers, skilled strategists, global thinkers, and effective change agents.


For 40 years, FITC has continuously equipped professionals in the Nigerian Financial Service Sector and other sectors with industry-relevant knowledge, helping them navigate and advance in their careers, while building on its member firm's success through its clear vision, strong corporate values, and culture of excellence. 

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