Investing in This Dark Continent and the Place of Information


Monday, January 10, 2022 / 12:45 PM / by Akin Adeniyi, CIPM / Header Image Credit: Manphofore

It must be interesting to know how certain interests of the world really and truly see Africa for what it is, other than the impression of them that often comes across as paternalistic, and the sole bearer of freedom to the 'dark continent'.


What makes us dark till date has nothing to do with skin colour or absence of sunlight but paucity of the right, and abundance of the unpleasant information.


Come with me:


1. In their first coming, the colonialists had tagged us "The dark continent" for lack of information on the land and its people;


2. Years after, events still show that Africa does not get recognition for advancements in many fields of life and I'm staying with investment as my core area today for the purpose of my musing this Monday morning;


3. In CFA Institute's bi-annual survey of investor trust in the GLOBAL financial services industry, Africa did not get featured until the 2019/20 fourth edition through only South Africa. What about Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana and the rest?;


4. Also in the yearly MERCER pension index which surveys basically the adequacy, sustainability and integrity of the GLOBAL pension funds industry, only South Africa at least for the past five years has made it into the coverage. Let me just mention that Nigeria has accumulated a sum in excess of US$30billion in STATUTORY pension funds over the years;


5. In the GLOBAL database for the US$68trillion mutual funds under management as at June ending this year monitored on ICI-Global, only South Africa made it into the coverage with US$202billion;


6. I had read some time ago that in Google's Mountain View headquarters, the electronic model representation of the earth shows Africa and a part of the Middle East as dark for lack of search activities coming from these regions whilst other parts keep beaming out light consistently. Do you get?;


7. Africa has just been singled out for travel sanctions for the omicron variant of the covid virus on the back of poor information management;


8. I could go on with more scenarios on poor information management;


9. But now, who should take the blame for these obvious shortcomings? Africa or the rest of the world?; We have to face this reality that as quite a lot is happening but yet largely unreported, the truth about Africa remaining the last action ground for superlative investment returns cannot be upheld without the facts and figures.


Africa needs to focus on coordinating her investment impact measures for appropriate articulation and appropriate dissemination. Again, this is where the importance of information management processes comes to the fore.


Information drives the global markets and the earliest this is standardised for Nigeria and Africa at large, the best for everyone.


We need to do this! #informationasymmetry.


About the Author

Mr. Akin' Adeniyi, CIPM  is the President & Chairman of Council of the Association of Corporate and Individual Investment Advisers (CIIA). He is also the Chief Relationship Officer (CRO) of KingsThrones Limited.

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