ICPSP 2020 Conference To Discuss Lessons From COVID-19 With Experts


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The Institute of Corporate and Public Sector Professionals, ICPSP a non-profit membership and research organization dedicated to supporting professionals whose daily effort impacts people's lives is set to host its 2020 virtual conference.


The theme for this year's ICPSP Conference scheduled to hold on August 8th, 2020 is "

Lessons from COVID 19: Sharing Ideas With Experts" from 11 am to 2 pm in the afternoon.


For this year's edition the objectives are the following;

  • To recognize participants as responsible and transformational Ambassador of Change within the Corporate & Public sector in Nigeria;
  • To discuss and devise a methodology to actualize key subjects identified within the conference theme and sub-themes;
  • Address the current state of the Nation & her citizen during & after a pandemic;
  •  To address the Extreme Poverty: A Symptom of COVID-19 in Africa;
  • To discuss key topics around Professionalism, Education and Health Matters;
  • To discuss economic recovery, SME and Information Technology;
  • To discuss the role of third sector during and after the pandemic.


Expected outcomes from the conference include;

  • Opportunities amidst COVID-19
  • How to manage the risks and opportunities during a challenging moment
  • How ICPSP as an Institute together with her members can lead change agenda in other to foster economic recovery, poverty eradication and Nation-building.
  • How to actualize the individual post-COVID 19 goals?


The Keynote address for the conference will be delivered by Professor Babatunde Yusuf, Dean of Management Sciences, Lagos State University, while Mr. Olanrewaju Sharafa will be the lead speaker for the conference.

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The conference will feature panel sessions and will be broadcasted live on WebTV


Here are the thoughts of the speakers and members of the Institute secretariat ahead of the conference:


  • Professor Babatunde R. Yusuf- (Keynote Speaker)

This is a good thought from the Institute of Corporate and Public Sector Professional having come out at the time to discuss in its ICPSP 2020 Conference tagged "Lessons from Covid-19 sharing ideas with experts". I am highly honored to be in the midst of great scholars and people of high repute to give a keynote address "The State of the Nation & Citizen during and after". This is highly commendable having thought of suggesting to the society at large the methodology and measures be taken during and after Covid-19 events.


  • Olanrewaju Sharafa- (The Lead Paper Presenter) 

It's a great privilege and honour for me to be invited, to speak at the 2020 ICPSP Conference. As the Lead Paper presenter, I will be speaking on the topic "Extreme Poverty: A symptom of CONVID-19 in Africa". 

I look forward to joining experts to address such a timely conference theme: "Lessons from Convid-19: Sharing ideas with Experts."


  •  Moshood Folaranmi Taiwo (ICPSP 2020 Conference Chairman)

 It's a great and insightful event, I am fully confident that it will add value to our economy, our Labour profession and be one of the best conferences so far.


  • Dr. Oluseyi Olanrewaju (Guest Speaker) 

It is a great honour for me to be part of this auspicious event. It promises to be splendid. Please be our guest and surely you won't regret doing so.


  • Dr Mrs Folasade Airebamen (Guest Speaker)

We are united, we are connected and lonely due to the pandemic but we are together bridging the gap.


  • Comrade Agnes Funmi Sessi (Guest Speaker) 

Warm greetings from Nigeria Labour Congress, Lagos State Council to the entire members and Management of the ICPSP Institute on this great honour and privilege for me to be nominated as one of the guest's speakers where I will share ideas with other experts as I speak on the topic "Health Matters" during and after the Pandemic. It is my hope that this year's ICPSP Conference shall be of tremendous help for us all to gain more knowledge in diverse areas while looking forward to the Day with much enthusiasm.


  • Dr Biyi John Oyetade (Guest Speaker) 

This is a good beginning from the Institute and highly fascinating. 


  • Dr Sofayo Toyese (Guest Speaker) 

The birth of ICPSP is a great blessing to domestic and global economies across all frontiers. This is a landmark initiative that rallies and hybrids professionalism across the private and public sectors and has the capacity to engender improved global economics management, inclusive growth, optimum resource allocation and wealth distribution for the holistic benefit of mankind.


  • Dr Ojodu Hameed (Guest Speaker) 

I am highly delighted to be part of this great event of your organisation. Holding a conference on Covid-19 which is a recent phenomenon that accounts for major disruption all over the world. 

This pandemic touches all areas of human endeavour (health, education, businesses and hospitality etc). However, the impact of SMEs takes vital positions by accounting for the shortfall in the production activities of major manufacturing companies. Hence, the SMEs have shown its significance to the socio-economic activities of our life.


  • Mr Micheal Alatishe (Guest Speaker)

 The Institute of Corporate and Public Sector Professionals (ICPSP) Virtual Conference titled: " Lessons from COVID 19- Sharing ideas with experts. 

This conference theme comes at the right time when the pandemic is peaking within the country and assures professionals both in the private and public sector that there is life after the pandemic has been contained. 

It also avails each professional sharing their experience (both good and bad) managing the pandemic and measures to be taken (beyond the health-related advice) to manage and survive the pandemic and most importantly how to prepare for the opportunities the post-pandemic period will present to all professions and expert for the good of mankind in general.


  • Mr Adewole Ezekiel (Guest Speaker)

This is a good and excellent initiative from your organisation, coming up with     Lessons from COVID-19 sharing ideas with experts. I am extremely delighted and pleased to work with the Great Team.

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  • Mrs Omolara Adelakun (ICPSP Director of Membership)

 As the Director of Membership and Services, I am highly delighted and patiently waiting for the great day. This would be one of the biggest achievements we are putting together for the interest of our country Nigeria for the First time ever.


  • Adisa R. A (Guest Speaker)

"Lessons from Covid-19: Sharing ideas with experts" is timely scheduled especially at this time when the world is bedevilled by the scourge of a pandemic which has left all things in disarray. The theme is not only rich on paper but also evergreen in its contents. Experts and professionals of high repute and pedigree who will speak at the conference would definitely leave their audience in a state of satisfaction. ICPSP has done incredibly well as no one will participate and leave as an uninformed individual.


  • Luqman Ishola Oyetunde (Guest Speaker) 

I find it a rare opportunity being chosen as a speaker at the 2020 ICPSP Conference with the theme: Lesson from Covid-19: Sharing ideas with experts. As a speaker, I will be discussing the topic of Third Sector roles during and after the pandemic.

 Looking forward to sharing ideas with other experts.


  • Dr. Toye Sofayo (Guest Speaker)

 The birth of ICPSP is a great blessing to domestic and global economies across all frontiers. This is a landmark initiative that rallies and hybrids professionalism across the private and public sectors and has the capacity to engender improved global economics management, inclusive growth, optimum resource allocation and wealth distribution for the holistic benefit of mankind.


  • Ganiyu Lateef Adebayo (Guest Speaker) 

The best way to navigate through an unplanned pandemic is to have a symposium where intellectual ideas will be shared, this is what ICPSP has to present with this conference title 'Lessons from COVID 19' and I am delighted to be part of it.


  • Bello Abass Oyeshola (Member Conference Committee) 

COVID19 has actually taught everyone one or more lesson(s) in different ways no doubt about that, it is best that people come together to give it a fight at this point! And this is what ICPSP has put together by sharing ideas and knowledge with Experts.

You can't just miss the ICPSP 2020 Conference title: Lessons from COVID 19: sharing Ideas With Experts. Come let's tap from the horse mouths!


  • Rasheed Lateef (ICPSP Chief Examiner) 

This is going to be a great achievement in the history of the Institute of corporate and public sector professionals coming out to display at this global crisis time to proffer solutions by experts in handling various challenges during and after the pandemic period.  I am highly honoured being part of this great team. "Great ICPSP 2020".  


For further information, please contact Mrs Adeyemi, ICPSP Media Relations Manager: media@icpsp.org or call +2348141171745, +2349019297214


More information about the conference is available here , while you can register HERE


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