CIP and BLACKPACE Sign Agreement to Advance Development of Irish and Sweet Potato in Africa


Friday, October 13, 2017  01.32PM / Blackpace


The International Potato Center (CIP) and BlackPace Africa Group (BPA) executed a Technical and Scientific agreement to advance potato production in Africa. This Inter-Institutional Framework Collaboration Agreement (“COA”) will further support development of both Irish and sweetpotatoes in Africa.


The objective of this Collaboration Agreement is to establish the basis for a technical and scientific collaboration between CIP and BPA. It will enable the management and implementation of capacity building activities by both institutions through the exchange of information and knowledge.


“We are excited at this partnership with BPA.  Together, we look forward to improving the livelihoods of 136,000 smallholder households in Rwanda by use of high quality seed of robust, market preferred and biofortified varieties,” said Dr. Hugo Campos, CIP’s Director for Research. He added that the initiative should exploit the crops largely untapped potential, creating opportunities along the entire potato value chain.


According to the Executive Chair of BPA, Olusegun Paul Andrew, “Africa should aim for the best by investing in R&D and tapping the best brains in the continent and the entire world to achieve superior returns and develop the products Africans deserve. We should also collaborate with respected institutions such as CIP to upscale the quality of our potatoes and processing capacity”. 

The two organizations will develop joint research on technical, economic and social aspects of development of new varieties, improved seed systems, processing, markets development. It will also promote consumption of potato and sweet potato, sustainable intensification of agro-systems, the relationship between climate change, agriculture and sustainable management of natural resources and fragile agro-ecosystems (wetlands).

About Partners

BLACKPACE Africa is a bourgeoning Africa focused investment management and advisory firm, investing across agriculture value chains including Irish Potato. BLACKPACE Africa has an excellent track record of partnering with entrepreneurs, strong management teams and other large shareholders on investments. BLACKPACE Africa investments and advisory practice to date have been through co-investments with other key stakeholders sharing a common strategy and vision. BLACKPACE’s team has a deep knowledge of the risks, opportunities and realities of doing business across the continent as well as extensive investment banking, private equity and asset/wealth management experience as a top-tier global strategy and advisory firm.  Learn more at e-mail: 

The International Potato Center - A CGIAR research center based in Lima, Peru with a presence in 27 countries worldwide, the International Potato Center (CIP) has been delivering on its mission to achieve food security, well-being, and gender equity for poor people in root and tuber farming and food systems in the developing world since 1971. We do this through research and innovation in science, technology, and capacity strengthening.

Learn more at  e-mail:  Twitter @cipotato 

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