DCSL Leads Discourse On Role of HR In The 21st Century


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The DCSL Corporate Services hosted the second edition of its Human Resources breakfast seminar in Lagos.

It brought together HR practitioners and leaders from several organizations.

Dr. Uche Attoh, a Senior lecturer at the Lagos Business School (LBS) gave a presentation on the theme "The Strategic Role of the 21st Century HR".

Strategic Human Resources Management according to him  was an approach that provides a framework to support long-term business goals.

Giving a historical overview Dr. Attoh said in the period of  the 80s-90s in Nigeria, it was difficult to find a HR Director who sat on a board of the organization.

He believed for the new generation, the HR functions should be accorded top priority.

Speaking on a survey of CEOs , three key issues were identified as critical;

  • Talent Management
  • Leadership development
  • Employee Engagement

The CEOs believed that if HR is able to deliver on these three issues, organizations will perform better and deliver on their mandates.

He called on companies to give considerations to the following three areas;

  • Having Long-term focus
  • Providing a Strong link with business goals
  • Addressing Concerns with Macro issues (e.g. culture, values)

In a recent report from Deloitte Attoh said only 23% of organizations worldwide aligned with HR strategy.

According to him the following were the key success parameters for the Human Resources Department in any organization;

  • Business Knowledge- There is a need for managers to know how the organizations makes money
  • Knowing Business Strategy- To align the HR properly, you must know the business and understand the strategy of the company
  • Stakeholder mapping- in terms of influence in the organization and when you attend meeting what you talked about
  • Understanding Context and Environment

On the future of business worldwide the LBS lecture identified Globalization v Nationalism, Technology and Sustainability as major issues to watch

Looking at the 2020 workplace strategy as it concerns HR He emohasized the following areas;

  • Personalizing the employee Experience
  • Emphasizing learning Agility
  • Creating an inclusive culture
  • Championing openness and transparency
  • Creating Socially Responsible Organizations. (people, profit & planet)
  • Becoming uber connected
  • Adopting a global mindset

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Oshinaike, the Country Human Resources Manager Mantrac Nigeria Limited spoke on the topic "Managing Performance for Growth", She cited SoumyaSanto Sen who said "Performance management, when handled skillfully in an organization today, can increase job satisfaction, employee performance of the organization".

She said companies and employees should be accountable for their roles as a 2015 Wills Towers Watson Survey found that 45% of managers did not value their company's performance management system.

She highlighted the basic steps in a performance management system to include;

  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Periodic Assessments/Regular Feedback Meetings
  • Review of performance Against Objectives
  • Action Plan for improvement/Development

Also, the seminar featured a presentation on "The Future of Work-Flexi-Workdays which was delivered by Ms. Ikeoluwapo Adebowale Chief People Officer, Terragon Group.

According to her, flexi time is an arrangement that allows an employee to alter the starting and/or end time of his/her workday.

Ms Ikeoluwa listed the benefits of Flexi time to an employee and the employers.

Benefit of flexi time to an employee

  • Flexibility- to meet family and personal needs
  • Contain over you time
  • Reduce committing time

Benefits of Flexi time to employer

  • It will boost employee moral
  • Boost employee turnover
  • Engages a family friends place to work 
  • Provide them with more equipment facilities and computer    

She emphasized the need to revisit the Flexi time process in various organizations.

Mrs. Oluwakemi Shonubi Group Head Human Development, the GIG Group speaking on "Workplace Diversity-Managing Conflict", said "Diversity" in the workplace promotes acceptance, respect, and teamwork despite the differences in the race, age, gender, language, political beliefs, religion, social orientation or communication styles among employees.

The Four layers for the Dimension of Diversity in the work place are personality- which is our core, Internal Dimension- Age, Gender, External Dimension- which is our experiences, our choices and Organization Dimension- Our role in an organization  

In the area of managing conflict, she said if not addressed properly it would affect the productivity of work.

For her three Conflict Types in the organization exists;

  • Intra group conflicts
  • Inter group conflict
  • Task conflict

She recommended the following Conflict Resolution Modes;

  • Accommodate
  • Assess Asset/ Force/ Competing
  • Avoid collaborate/compromise
  • Clarity and resolution are key in resolving conflict
  • Increase productivity and increased creativity and problem solving alongside attracting and retaining talent.
  • Building synergy in teams

Mr Nkem Iheanachor a lecturer with Lagos Business School in his presentation on "Succession and Talent Management" harped on the need for companies to give top priority to their talent management strategy.

He outlined key decisions that companies must make include the following;

  • Focus on a few vs. many initiatives
  • Established consistent communications
  • Evaluate your organizational bandwidth
  • Create a roll-out timeline
  • Identify skills required for future
  • Consider external vs. internal recruiting
  • Execute! Execute!!! Execute!!!!

On why succession planning was important for HR leaders, Mr Ikem Iheanachor highlighted the following issues;

  • Every company's leaders need to think about aligning their staffing and leadership needs with the organization's future strategic objectives.
  • If they do not take action to establish an effective succession planning and management program, they are likely to fall victim to the so-called "like me" problem.


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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