48th AATWA: Razak Jaiyeola, ICAN President Charge New Accounting Technicians On Tech Skills


Wednesday,July 11, 2018 5.00PM / Proshare WebTV


The latest set of accounting technicians in Nigeria have been charged to develop their information technology skills, to remain relevant and competitive in the age of the digital fourth global industrial revolution. 

These were keypoints from the remarks of the 54th President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria Alhaji. Razak Jaiyeola and the guest speaker Mr Olufemi Awoyemi, FCA CEO of Proshare Nigeria, at the 48th Induction ceremony of the Association of Accounting Technicians  West Africa (AATWA) in Lagos. 

Alhaji Razak Jaiyeola congratulated the 515 successful accounting technicians on their graduation, reminding them of their responsibility in adhering to the guidelines of the accounting profession which is “accuracy and integrity”. 

Considering the developments in the technology space and how it is shaping the global economic space, Jaiyeola harped on the need for the accounting technicians to develop their ICT skills, which enable them to emerge as digital accountants compliant with the innovations in the financial services industry.

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Speaking further he asserted that creativity will be vital for the inducted accounting technicians to provide solutions to challenges in the financial space, through the adoption of technology. 

He assured the graduates that with the establishment of the Entrepreneurship Committee for AATWA, ICAN will drive advocacy and visitations to potential employees, to provide opportunities for them. 

The ICAN President said the AATWA gives wider acceptance and mobility of jobs in the West African sub-region which is a plus to the graduants. 

Keynote speaker Mr Olufemi Awoyemi giving insight into the theme of the induction ceremony lecture “The Future of Accounting” believed the new accounting technicians must understand how convergence in technology, will shape the accounting profession. 

Awoyemi noted that with the new technology trends, a new normal has unfolded for the global financial services industry which informs the need for AATWA graduates to explore developing softwares and apps to improve accounting.

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The notable Nigerian financial analyst stressed that to retain the relevance and reliability of the accounting profession, the technicians should build capacity in technology and broaden their scope in undertsanding the role developments like fintech, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and robotics will play in the financial services. 

He advised the graduates to save money and invest in upgrading their technology skills, that will build their capacity and equip them to provide innovative accounting solutions. 

The Vice President of ICAN Mazi Nnamdi Anthony Okwuadigbo, FCA delivering the opening address said since the establishment of AATWA in 1989, it has grown in scope of operations and produced 25,000 graduates.

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