Reinventing Agriculture for Sustainable National Development


Monday, March 20, 2017/6:25 PM /AFEX

Is this strategic or opportunistic?

How has Agriculture faired in the context of National Development

Are we in the right room?

We may relate more with the nominal indices

2016 Sectorial GDP Growth

Is it as risky as we think? The sector’s growth has been relatively stable and mostly positive over the years


Do we need to reinvent Agriculture? 

What is Agriculture’s role in National Development? Growth (Staple Crops) or FOREX (Cash Crops)

Have we really produced more food?

We have remained at, or below our export levels since independence.

Food requirement in Africa is fast outpacing our per capita food production; creating a supply gap

Both productivity and technology adoption gaps will require creative funding solutions.

Is there room for improvement in Nigeria agricultural industry?


 Nigeria Agricultural Sector, An alternative to the Capital Markets?


How do we reinvent Agriculture for Sustainable National Development?

Who do we blame? Have we done our part by providing funding to the agriculture sector?

 We need to rethink collaterized lending and consider Structured Trade Finance.

 Where are the quick wins and quick fixes across the value chain?

AFEX creates access to commodity and financial markets for producers and processors

AFEX’s Vision for Agriculture in Nigeria

AFEX’s strives to connect a million farmers to financial and commodity markets in 5 years

The e-WRS and COMEX will translate into reduction of post harvest losses, price discovery and increased liquidity

 AFEX’s is scaling up its operations to the North Eastern States of Nigeria

AFEX will create a central supply chain for all participants in the market by reducing barriers to trade

We will introduce the Village Aggregation Centers, Collection Trucks and the AFEX Outreach App


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