Ahead Tomorrow On WebTV : Discussions on COVID-19 And Implications For Agribusiness In Nigeria


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WebTV's Market Review segment dedicated to #Coronanomics will be featuring a robust conversation on 'COVID-19: Implications for Agribusiness and Industrialization in Nigeria'.

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Guest:           Ade Adefeko

Date:             Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Time:            10.00am

Platform:    Livestream on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Topic:           COVID-19: Implications for Agribusiness and Industrialization in Nigeria

Highlights: Available later in the day with link to full video.

Host:             Ottoabasi Abasiekong, Editor, WebTV

Co-Host:      Boason Omofaye, Guest Analyst and CEO Frontier Africa Reports


Key Questions for Discussion

  • Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic on The Agribusiness Ecosystem
  •  Addressing the Logistics and Supply Chain Challenges for Agribusiness
  • Assessing Policy Enablers for the Agri-Sector in Nigeria
  • Outlook for Agribusiness in Nigeria Post COVID 19

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Guest Profile:

ADE ADEFEKO is a commercial diplomat, visionary leader and a global executive. His lifelong ambition has always been to contribute to humanity and to development of mankind in his spheres of influence which spans Agriculture and Trade, Policy Formulation, Investments and Finance and Creative Arts and sports.


He currently serves as Vice President - Corporate & Government Relations and is in charge of External Communication and Stakeholder Management at OLAM NIGERIA, the largest Agribusiness and food company in Nigeria and a subsidiary of OLAM international of Singapore the parent company with a presence in 65 countries 25 of which are in Africa.


His 30-year professional career spans diverse sectors which include Broadcast/ Pay-Tv, FMCG and the Banking industry where he held senior management roles in Treasury, Credit and Operations. Prior to joining OLAM, Ade played a pivotal role in broadcast policy advocacy as Director Corporate Communications and Public Affairs with Multi-Choice (DSTV) Nigeria. Subsequently, he became the Area Head of Communication and Regulatory Affairs, British American Tobacco for Benin, Niger and Togo based in Nigeria where he managed core regulatory issues in the highly sensitive tobacco industry.


Ade is a polyglot, an avid writer, with a weekly column in Business Day Newspaper entitled 'CONVERSATIONS WITH ADE ADEFEKO' and THE CABLE an online publication. He is a former football pundit on SuperSport. He is Vice Chairman of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Export Group (MANEG) and a member of the Industrial and Competitiveness Presidential Advisory Council.


Ade is the current Chairman of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) Agricultural Trade Group and a member of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and industry- LCCI Export Group.


As a Pan Africanist, Ade strives to continually advance Africa's cause and agenda. Ade is a distinguished thought leader and speaker in domestic and international fora. He helps to tell the African story and shape the narrative through his own prism. Ade leverages his wisdom, experience and connections by serving on a number of Boards in non-executive positions. He was recently appointed as a Director of MobiHealth and also sits on the board of SYNERGOS-Nigeria's State Partnership for Agriculture in a non-executive capacity.


His mantra of life is simple- For God and Country.


You can follow him on LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. He can be contacted via email at ade.adefeko@olamnet.com



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