Africa Telling Its Story on Innovation


Friday, September 22, 2017/10:57AM/ NEPAD

The NEPAD Agency and two teams (Research and Development, and Innovation) of experts selected from Kenya, Swaziland, Uganda, CeSTII (South Africa), UNECA, AOSTII, and SANBio are drafting the 3rd edition of the African Innovation Outlook in South Africa from 11-16 September 2013.

The two teams are focusing on what the data collected from R&D and Innovation Surveys carried out between 2014 and 2017 is telling us.

The outlook is expected to present a picture of R&D investments and how these investments are supporting the innovation processes in different African countries. In brief, a picture of how R&D and Innovation are contributing to socioeconomic development.

The drafting of African Innovation Outlook-2010 and African Innovation Outlook-2014 were outsourced. As a way of inculcating ownership of data use by African countries, the NEPAD Agency, together with partners under the African Science Technology and Innovation Indicators (ASTII) programme, decided to publish the 3rd edition of African Innovation Outlook (AIO3). The draft AIO3, expected two weeks after this meeting, will be reviewed by a panel of experts before publication.

The 3rd edition of the African Innovation Outlook will consider R&D performance in different sectors of the economy of African countries, the extent to which firms invest in R&D, assess the propensity to innovative by African firms, and the effects of innovation on the productivity of firms

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