Opeyemi Agbaje Institute, launches Project OSEESE for Ogun State


Wednesday, February 07, 2018 10.00AM / Opeyemi Agbaje Institute 

The Opeyemi Agbaje Institute incorporated in 2014, with a vision to serve as a “catalyst for transformation of policy, governance, and development in Nigeria, Africa and the Diaspora” has launched its maiden initiative the “Project OSEESE”.

This is the Ogun State Economic Enablement and Social Emancipation project launched on February 01, 2018 is a six-month activity designed to produce a policy template for good governance, socio-economic development, and transformation of Ogun State.

The Initiative is underpinned by the Vision 2035 which envisages Ogun State as “a developed, first world region with human capital, quality of life, infrastructure, economic development institutions and governance standards comparable to leading regions in developed countries.

A “Citizen engagement and Survey Project”  which is christened “Kilo Jogun L’Ogun” is a critical component of Project OSEES and its purpose is to engage with and obtain the inputs and buy-in of citizens and residents of Ogun State based on a shared philosophy of governance. We will visit all parts of Ogun State over the next six months, and talk to a wide spectrum of our people in this regard.

We hope to share the outcome of this initiative with relevant stakeholders- the state government, leading politicians and community leaders, student and youth, the business community, traditional and religious leaders, professionals, academics, civil servants, traders, market women and men, and other groups and persons interested in the progress of the state.

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