DMO Publishes 4th Strategic Plan (2018 – 2022)


Friday, November 09, 2018 /11:44 AM /DMO


Following the expiration of the 3rd Strategic Plan (2013 – 2017), and in recognition of the evolving roles of the DMO, and the need to align public debt management activities with Government's economic policy thrusts, as encapsulated in the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), amongst others, the need to develop a new Strategic Plan therefore, became imperative.


The building blocks for the 4th Strategic Plan are: 

a. Changing investor needs and higher investor expectations from the DMO on products and services; 

b. Government's prioritisation of the development of infrastructure which requires new and more creative ways of financing; 

c. The active and supportive role expected of the DMO under the ERGP, two of whose pillars are reducing the infrastructure gap and a private sector-led growth; 

d. The growing Contingent Liabilities of the Government and the expected increase in Guarantees to support infrastructural development; 

e. The growing Public Debt Stock and the need for Portfolio Risk Management to be brought to the fore, in addition to the existence of a Debt Management Strategy; and, 

f. The need to upscale debt management capacity at the sub-national level.


Broad Objective of the 4th Strategic Plan 

The Broad Objective of the 4th Strategic Plan is: 

To use Debt and Debt-related instruments to support Nigeria's development goals, while ensuring that public debt is sustainable. 

The Strategic Goals are as presented below:

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Download PDF Here DMO Strategic Plan 2018-2022

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