Summary of Auction Results for April 2017


 Wednesday, April 19, 2016/ 2.33 PM / DMO

Auction Result for the 14.50% FGN JUL 2021 (Re-opening), 16.2884% FGN MAR 2027 (Re-opening 10-Year Bond) & 16.2499% FGN APR 2037 (New Issue) 

Source: DMO  

Successful bids for the 14.50% FGN JUL 2021, 16.2884% FGN MAR 2027 and 16.2499% FGN APR 2037 were allotted at the Marginal Rates of 15.9899%, 16.2430% and 16.2499%, respectively.  

However, the original coupon rates of 14.50% for the 14.50% FGN JUL 2021, and 16.2884% for the 16.2884% FGN MAR 2027 will be maintained, while the coupon rate for the 16.2499% FGN APR 2037 (New Issue) is set at 16.2499%.

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