NSE Enhances Capacity of Dealing Members On Fixed Income Trading


Tuesday, March 05, 2019 12.34PM / By NSE  


In line with its commitment to improve the capacity of its members and enhance investors’ participation in the Fixed Income Market, The Nigerian Stock Exchange (“The Exchange” or “NSE”) organized a Fixed Income Workshop on Monday, March 4, 2019, at the Stock Exchange House. 

The Fixed Income Trading Workshop which is designed to enhance the capacity of dealing members, brought together over 200 participants across the capital market community. During the workshop, delegates were exposed to the opportunities inherent in the fixed income market, the future potential of the market, and the potential for onboarding retail investors into the capital markets.  The event also gave NSE an opportunity to address the concerns and build the capacity of its members interested in trading fixed income. 

All fixed income securities (with the exception of zero- coupon bonds) provide some form of regular interest payments to investors. This makes the fixed income market especially attractive to investors whose main investment goal is providing themselves with a steady income.

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