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July 25, 2021
Dr. Oyeyemi Kale, Statistician-General of the Federation (SGF), is a rare personality, a man of multiple emotional and intellectual universes, and a scion of excellence. He is a champion of the workspace with a work culture only the most ardent and rigorous can match. He is a man of few words but prodigious talent, a strange throwback to an era when men counted commitment and personal productivity more excitedly than they counted the money in their wallet or the food in their belly.
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July 25, 2021
There are currently over 4000 (four thousand) cryptocurrencies in circulation and about 51,200,000 (fifty-one million, two hundred thousand) active traders of cryptocurrency around the world. With the proliferation of cryptocurrency and the associated technology that backs it, disruptors and innovators have begun to take advantage of the multifunctional nature of cryptocurrency and have created products that could change or disrupt traditional banking and finance.
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July 25, 2021
AfDB's 'AAA' Long-Term IDR is driven by the extraordinary support it receives from its shareholders, which Fitch assesses at 'aaa'. The rating is also supported by the bank's Standalone Credit Profile (SCP), reflecting the lower of its ratings of 'aa-' for solvency and 'aaa' for liquidity.
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Proshare Nigeria
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July 15, 2021
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