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December 02, 2021
Basel III is the second phase of agreements reached by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in response to the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 - 2009. With Basel III comes increased minimum requirements for capital adequacy, liquidity, and risk coverage. According to the Bank for International Settlement, the overall aim of Basel III is to strengthen the regulation, supervision, and risk management measures of banks.
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December 02, 2021
The global economy continues to recover, along with trade, employment and incomes. But the revival is unbalanced, with countries, businesses and people facing very different economic realities. Recent improvements also conceal structural changes, which mean that some sectors, jobs, technologies and behaviours will not return to their pre-pandemic trends.
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December 02, 2021
Nigerian public debt continues to grow at a rapid rate, prompting talk of an overhang. If we look solely at the debt/GDP ratio, Nigeria is in a much better position than its EM peers. The external balance sheet is in a decent shape, which explains why the FGN carried off a successful sale of Eurobonds, raising USD4bn rather than the USD3bn on offer.
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