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September 22, 2018
When the news of Skye Bank Plc emerged as the preferred bidder for Mainstreet Bank hits the market and other stakeholders, our commentary titled ‘The Surprising New Math of Acquisition of Banks in Nigeria – The Skye Bank Case’ published on Thursday October 24, 2014 did justice to this by pointing out how Skye Bank capital position does not supports its bid.
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September 22, 2018
Bullish news on both the supply and demand side sent oil prices up again on Friday morning, with Brent falling back after flirting with $80.
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September 22, 2018
As the people of Osun State go to the polls tomorrow Saturday 22nd September, 2018 to cast their votes for the gubernatorial elections, we take a look at the economy of the state and its competitiveness ranking at the moment, and what should be a 7 point agenda for the next Governor of the State.
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Proshare Nigeria
Proshare Nigeria
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Proshare Nigeria
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