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August 20, 2018
CBN provisional data for 2017 show that internally generated revenue (IGR) provided 25.6% of the total revenue of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, compared with 30.2% the previous year. Aggregate IGR, however, increased to N765bn from N746bn in 2016.
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August 20, 2018
The Lagos State Government has said that the Third Mainland Bridge will be temporarily closed for four days starting from midnight of August 23 to midnight of August 26, 2018 in order to carry out Investigative Maintenance Test on the bridge.
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August 20, 2018
Nigeria’s External Debt Service Cost Drops by10.15% in Q2; NASD USI Gained 0.71% WoW as Power firms reject TCN as proposed N72bn fund manager
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Proshare Nigeria
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Proshare Nigeria
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August 16, 2018
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