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January 22, 2022
Further to the circular referenced TED/FEM/FPC/GEN/01/005 dated August 05, 2020, all Authorised Dealers and the General Public are hereby informed of the introduction of e-Valuator and e-Invoice which replaces hard copy final Invoice as part of the documentation required for all import and export transactions.
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January 22, 2022
The last decade has witnessed a massive rave in the use and acceptance of digital currencies and assets all around the world. Amongst these digital assets, Nonfungible Tokens ("NFTs"), has gained so much popularity-particularly amongst creatives and content creators. NFTs are currently being projected as the "NEXT BIG THING" as a digital art collage was recently sold through the British Auction House as an NFT, for USD69.3 million[
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January 22, 2022
The IMF disclosed on Thursday that it proposes a $50bn Resilience and Sustainability Trust (RST) to help low-income and vulnerable middle-income countries build resilience to balance of payments shocks. The RST is expected to be approved by the IMF Executive Board before the upcoming Spring Meetings and become fully operational by year-end
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