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July 24, 2021
Analysts have expressed doubts about the sustainability of the fall in Nigeria's year-on-year headline inflation rate over the next five months (despite the recent decline from 17.93% in May to 17.75% in June 2021). Indeed, with supply-side disruptions still prevalent in the manufacturing sector, and difficulties associated with accessing foreign exchange at the Import " Export (I"E) window of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the likelihood of a reversal of the downward slide in the Y-o-Y inflation rate remains probable
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July 24, 2021
The Central bank of Nigeria has announced October 1 as the date for the launch of the E-Naira, in a webinar with the fintech community the CBN noted that the digital currency would promote cross border trade, the efficiency of monetary policy, financial inclusion and targeted social intervention.
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July 24, 2021
The news of OPEC+ bringing back withheld production in August 2021, following through with 400kbpd monthly increments over the remainder of this year, triggered a spectacular tumble in oil prices earlier this week
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Proshare Nigeria
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Proshare Nigeria
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July 15, 2021
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