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September 21, 2021
Nigerian Exchange (NGX) Limited is set to host the inaugural edition of its TechNovation Conference on Thursday, 30 September 2021. NGX TechNovation Conference is a flagship event that provides a platform for local and global technology leaders to syndicate conversations around technology, partnerships and innovation that can advance technology adoption in the Nigerian capital market.
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September 21, 2021
Despite 18% of oil production and 27% of gas production in the Gulf of Mexico being offline, oil prices are under pressure due to worrying economic developments in China. The seemingly imminent collapse of China's Evergrande conglomerate sent markets into a tailspin on Monday, although oil prices recovered slightly Tuesday despite demand fears.
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September 21, 2021
The Managing Director, Ecobank Nigeria, Patrick Akinwuntan has described Federal Government's plan for a Eurobond issuance in the International Capital Market (ICM) as a step in the right direction, stressing that the fundamentals and potentials of the nation's economy are strong with capacity to meet its debt obligations.
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Proshare Nigeria
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Proshare Nigeria
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