We acknowledge that an editorial policy is indispensable for a site like Proshare, to provide authors, editors, journalist and the general public with a much needed guidance on how to handle the content of the site on the basis of its objective and mission and of the demands of its target audience.

On the basis of this policy, guidelines on editorial style, source attribution, references, information validation and content authorisation procedures has been drawn up to ensure a coherent message and service quality.

The current editorial policy is under review as at July 31, 2018 and when completed should reflect our values, ethos and approach to deploying specialisation of subject handled in delivering information to our target audience.

This editorial policy, provides at a minimum, our position on the following:

  • The corporate philosophy;
  • the objective of the site;
  • the target audiences and main communication messages to convey;
  • the article and style policy;
  • the brand style guide;
  • the thematic/organisational structure and content aggregation approach and levels;
  • the rules and procedures regarding the provision, approval, and use of content;
  • the determination and style guiding casting headlines, use of pictures, captions, extracts and social media;
  • the rules and procedures regarding removal of content;
  • the rules and procedures regarding the production of reports;
  • the handling conflict of interest and roles; and receiving gifts;
  • the disclosure requirements of authors' interest in subject being handled and conflicts arising from handling news related to advertising clients;
  • our approach to investigative journalism, code of practice, accuracy, differentiating between facts and opinion, and advocacy;
  • the handling of payments for articles and sponsored posts;
  • the code against bribes, inducements and 3rd party financial considerations for content or news posts;
  • reporting regulators, courts and the legislature including use and non-use of sources;
  • handling relationships with family members, relatives or non-arms-length relationships;
  • avoiding prejudicial or pejorative reference to a subject person's race, religion, family situation, sex or sexual orientation or any physical or mental illness or disabilities in our reporting;
  • dealing with other forms of discrimination at work, on the field or/and in the news post published;
  • elimination of syndicated reports which may or may not arise from any of the issues covered by the editorial policy;
  • establish the principle of fairness in reporting;
  • the obligation to protect confidential sources and use of recorders or other aids without the permission of the source;
  • managing claims against the members of staff, partners, editors or/and the company; and
  • the process for usage of users' feedback collection, management and analysis.

For more information, please check e-mail news@proshareng.com