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Economic Indicator Current Previous Unit
Interest Rate14.0012.00Percent
Cash Reserve Requirement 22.5020.00Percent
Net Open Position 1.001.00Percent
Population 182.20178.52Million
Unemployment Rate13.9013.30Percent
Gross Domestic Product 481.07568.51USD Bln
Debt to GDP 11.5010.60Percent
GDP Growth Rate4.098.99Percent
GDP Annual Growth Rate-1.30-2.24Percent
GDP Per Capita2,548.202,548.40USD
GDP Per Capita PPP 5,638.895,639.45USD
Industrial Production-10.1015.00Percent
Consumer Price Index (All items)18.3317.85Percent
Current Account to GDP-3.800.20Percent
Trade Balance -1.711.68USD Bln
Imports 4.534.84USD Bln
Exports 2.826.80USD Bln
Current Account -721.06-2,013.91USD Mln
Nigerian Stock Exchange 25.3326.78Basis points
Government Budget -1.60-0.90Percent
Crude Oil50.9256.85Naira
Forex Reserves29.4625.72Bln
Money Market Indicator24.2531.51Percent
Weekly International Payments0.000.00Naira
Discount Window0.160.14Percent
Interbank Rate0.000.00Percent