Jan 13,2015APCEnuguGMB Promised to revive coal industryValidate
Jan 13,2015PDPIbadanGEJ promised to create 8million jobsValidate
Jan 7,2015APCUyo and P/HGMB promised to tackle insecurity,unemployment andValidate
Feb 4,2015PDPAbakalikiGEJ promised to support rice production,youth emplValidate
Jan 8,2015APCYenagoaGMB promised to revive agriculture and powerValidate
Jan 13,2015PDPAbeokutaGEJ promised to build cargo AirportValidate
Jan 10,2015APCAbaGMB promised to support SMEs, provide Power Validate
Jan 24,2015PDPKanoGEJ promised to eradicate polio, build more IndustValidate
Feb 6,2015APCJosGMB promised to boost Agric and MiningValidate
Feb 6,2015PDPDeltaGEJ promised youth employment and Gas CityValidate
Jan 18,2015APCLokojaGMB promised to revive Ajaokuta Steel ComplexValidate
Jan 30,2015PDPCalabarGEJ promised to Dredge Calabar River to enable a SValidate
Jan 24,2015APCKanoGMB promised to tackle insecurity, unemploymentValidate
Jan 24,2015PDPSokotoGEJ promises to revive AgricultureValidate
Jan 24,2015APCKadunaGMB promised Education/Healthcare InfrastructureValidate
Jan 24,2015PDPKebbiGEJ promised to fast-track Rice ProductionValidate
Jan 16,2015APCBenueGMB promised to tackle insecurity, divest economyValidate
Jan 24,2015PDPZamfaraGEJ promised an AirportValidate
Feb 4,2015APCGombeGMB promised to tackle the Issue of power, to boosValidate
Jan 24,2015PDPKatsinaGEJ promised a Federal UniversityValidate
Feb 1,2015APCKwara GMB promised Job creation,Validate
Jan 24,2015PDPBauchiGEJ promised Solid minerals developmentValidate
Jan 30,2015APCLagosGMB promised to compensate Lagos for the years of Validate
Jan 30,2015PDPAkwa IbomGEJ promised Ibaka Seaport,Maritime University,RaiValidate
Jan 30,2015APCIbadanGMB promised Good governanceValidate
Jan 17,2015PDPOnitsha GEJ promised to deliver second niger bridgeValidate
Jan 22,2015APCKebbiGMB promised to provide power, revive mining,promoValidate
Feb 5,2015PDPEDOGEJ promised to build Construction Technology InstValidate
Jan 18,2015APCNassarawaGMB promised to tackle insurgencyValidate
Jan 27,2015PDPPlateauGEJ promised to bring more development to North CeValidate
Jan 9,2015APCDeltaGMB promised social security systemValidate

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