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The fixed-income market is one of the largest and fast growing segments of the global financial marketplace. This  training  seeks  to  address  the  primary  elements  of  managing  fixed-income portfolios  and  discuss  the  various  types  of  portfolio  management  strategies.  The course will also introduce the use of derivatives for fixed income asset management.


This training programme is especially targeted at investment/risk managers, bond/quantity analysts, bond sales executives, and pension fund trustees and sponsors.


At the end of the training, participants will have an understanding of:

  1. Fixed income basics, the yield curve, and bond price volatility

  2. Fixed income strategies 

  3. How to implement effective investment strategies to meet fund objectives 

  4. And interpret key data relating to bond markets 

  5. How to choose a benchmark for indexing

  6. The  types  of  risks  in  fixed  income  portfolios  and  how  to  manage  the  risks  using   derivatives

  7. Portfolio trading strategies to increase returns and reduce risk 

  8. The credit rating criteria for bonds 

  9. How to use structured bond products to achieve required risk and return outcomes


Date: 18th – 21st November, 2013


Duration: 4 days


Fees: N75,000


Course outline


Day 1: Introduction 


Module 1: Fixed Income (FI) Basics


Module 2: The yield curve 


Module 3: Bond Price Volatility 


Day 2: Understanding FI Strategies (Part1)


Module 1: Passive


Module 2: Choosing a Benchmark for Indexing


Module 3: Semi – Passive Strategies 


Day 3: Understanding FI Strategies (Part2)


Module 1: Active F1 Portfolio Management


Module 2: Types of Risks in FI Portfolios


Case Study


Day 4: International FI Portfolio Strategies


Module 1: Credit Rating Criteria for Bonds


Module 2: Using Derivatives to Manage Risks 


For enquiries and booking please call us on +2348165789484 or e-mail us at consultant@pearlmutual.com you can also visit our website at www.pearlmutual.com for more details.

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