Trading Stories is designed by AFEX as a window into the commodities market in Nigeria with comparisons to other markets around the world. The workshop intends to present reporting and research possibilities to attendant journalists and media personnel.

From resource poor farmers in Nigeria's rural areas to upwardly mobile millennials in urban areas looking for possible areas of investment, the commodities market in Nigeria has a wide sphere of influence, and the part that the media has to play in driving sensitization and subsequent understanding of the market is a big one.

To encourage investment and get more participation in the commodities space, the public needs to understand the dynamics of the market: the market forces at play, the key drivers for demand and supply and any other pertinent information as may be relevant for them to make informed decisions on trading and investment.

To help facilitate this understanding, Trading Stories will be led by a team of experts currently in the commodities business or in adjacent fields, who will give insights into the realities of the market in Nigeria and the opportunities for investment that Nigerians must be made aware of to take advantage.

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