Proshare Nigeria Limited, founded in December 2006, is a niche financial information service hub with a key focus on markets, business, technology regulation and the economy.

Proshare is much more than an information provider; it is a standard bearer for the local investment data and information market; which enables it to provide critical services such as asset support services, due diligence, analytical research, enterprise valuations and bespoke intermediations; all driven by best practice.


To be the most credible, reliable and timely provider of financial intelligence and data critical for engaging with markets in Africa.


Our remit and key proposition is the preparation and dissemination of reliable, timely and credible information (news, data, research and analytics) in furtherance of our role as the critical bridge between markets, corporates, regulators and the investing public.

Business Service Focus Areas

  • Proshare Content;
  • Proshare Research;
  • Proshare Trading;
  • Proshare Enterprise; and
  • Proshare Digital Broadcasting.

Key Attributes

Proshare's strength lies in its people and service culture that emphasises professional expertise, integrated work approach, dedication to fact-based interventions and a commitment to results on engagements with and through a rich array of professional service providers which complement the end results of our interventions.

Financial Information Depth & Breath

  • National Bureau of Statistics Reports since 2017 till date
  • Functional and up-to-date resource service for financial markets, economy & business
  • Proshare Confidential Report on Institutions & Economy since 2017 till date
  • Online Trade Ranking Report since 2016 till date
  • 100 Days Report after the appointment of Key Stakeholders in the Economy & Market since 2014
  • Monthly Capital Market Service Report since2014 to date.
  • Sentiment Analysis on the Nigerian Equities Market since 2011 to 2016
  • The production of stock picks and technical Analyst Calls for the Nigerian investment community since 2014 to 2015.
  • Monthly Nigerian Capital Market Report (NCM): since 2009 to date
  • Daily Market Reports on listed companies: since 2007 to date
  • Equity/Analyst Reports on listed companies: since 2006 to date
  • Media Intervention for Corporates & Regulators: since 2006 to date
  • Track record of being the most reliable and timely online medium for dissemination of business and capital market related information: since 2006 to date

Key Service Milestones

  • Handling of the publication production of all NBS reports since December 2016 to date.
  • Launched #TheAnalyst 3.0, a full suite upgrade of theAnalyst Portal in August 2018.
  • Managed a zero-downtime service for over a decade with huge database on financial services grade servers.
  • Opened technical operational offices in India and an IT service post in Canada in 2015.
  • Launched the Proshare Mobile App on Android and IOS in 2017.
  • Launched Proshare 10.0 Digital Website which integrated all the Proshare Platforms into one, including Economy, Business, Markets, Finance, Technology, MSMEs, Regulators & WebTV.
  • Launch of the Nigerian Elections & Markets Tracker in 2015.
  • Launch of the Economy & Politics portal that allows users to engage with facts and data in 2014.
  • Launch of #TheAnalyst 2.0 ( an improved and flexible data platform equipped to disseminate real time Live Feeds from the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) with flexible features that allows you customise your home page to meet your preferences in 2014.
  • Launch of #TheAnalyst 1.0, the first-ever subscription based data, analysis and news portal dedicated to the Nigerian capital market and offering the empowerment required by the retail market in 2013.
  • Share Support services delivered funds retrievals post-financial crisis (SPDC Coop West - 2008/09; Investors in Starcomms Plc - 2010/11; Financial Inst - 2011; Recovery of Under Paid Taxes - 2010/13)
  • Launch of the first dedicated business, economic and investment online television / video blog service - WebTV NG, an internet based service dedicated to events coverage, programming, documentary and live streaming to the market in 2011.