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   Market Date: 31-07-2014   
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  1. New SEC's Approved and Draft Rules in the Nigerian Capital Market

    The development of any capital market around the globe rests on the fact that such market must continue to witness continuous amendments and introduction of new rules which will aid new initiatives and innovations.
  2. Understanding the Basics of Capital Market Investing; NSE's Perspective

    Sellers: Individuals and institutions that seek to raise funds to meet their needs or manage risk
  3. NSE Calls for Comments on Draft Rules on Listing of Nigerian Depository Receipts

    The Exchange, in positioning itself to be the preferred capital market of choice in the African sub region, is introducing a variety of tradable instruments to satisfy the investment needs of individual and institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolios, reduce risk and invest internationally in the most efficient manner possible.
  4. NSE Invites Comments on Draft Rules on Listing on the Premium Board of the Exchange

    The Exchange is creating a Premium Board for an elite group of Issuers that are leaders in their respective sectors. They will be required to meet stringent corporate governance, capitalisation and liquidity conditions. The Exchange is therefore proposing a new set of additions to its Listings Rules, which address Listing on the Premium Board of The Exchange (the draft Rules).
  5. NSE Calls for Comments on Rules and Regulations Governing Dealing Members

    The Exchange is proposing a new set of additions and amendments to the Rules and Regulations Governing Dealing Members (the Proposed Rules).
  6. NSE Urges Oil & Gas Companies to Explore the Capital Market

    The Nigerian Stock Exchange on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, organized its quarterly CEO Dinner as part of its commitment to developing key sectors of the nation's economy. The dinner which focused on the oil and gas sector had major stakeholders in the industry in attendance.
  7. CBN Releases Exposure Draft for Recommendation of Time Bar on Consumer Complaints

    The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in implementing its consumer protection initiatives, observed that timely resolution of complaints from consumers against Financial Service Producers (FSPs) within the regulated timeline has been a major challenge for the Banks, FSPs and consumers. Amongst other issues, availability and access to supporting documents were identified by stakeholders as a major setback for the timely resolution of complaints.
  8. Business as Usual at The NSE

    The floor of The Nigerian Stock Exchange opened for normal trading at 9.30am WAT on Friday July 25, 2014, after trading was disrupted due to a technical glitch yesterday.
  9. SEC Issues Rule on Net Capital Requirement Calculation for Broker/Dealers

    No broker or dealer shall permit his aggregate indebtedness to exceed 10 times its net capital.
  10. SEC Issues Rules Relating to Complaints Management Framework of the Nigerian Capital Market

    Competent Authority in relation to these rules means Self Regulatory Organizations (SROs) and recognized Capital Market trade associations.
  11. SEC Releases Additional Disclosure Requirements for Exploration and Production (E&P) Companies

    "Competent person" means an engineer, geoscientist or other mining professional who is a member of an approved professional organization with an enforceable code of ethics and who must have a minimum of five (5) years experience which is relevant to the style of mineralization and type of deposit under consideration and to the activity which that person is undertaking.
  12. FAQ on Delisting of Securities from The Exchange

    The term "delisting" of securities means removal of listed securities from The Exchange. Consequently, the securities of an affected Issuer will no longer be traded on The Exchange and the Issuer's name will be removed from the Daily Official List of The Exchange.
  13. NSE Amends Rules Governing Dealing Members

    The Council shall prescribe the annual subscription and fees payable by each Dealing Member from time to time. An Ordinary Member of The Exchange, other than an Issuing House, is not required to pay annual subscriptions unless and until it applies for an
  14. CBN Communiqué No. 96 of the Monetary Policy Committee Meeting, July 21-22, 2014

    Nigerian central bank Governor Godwin Emefiele kept the benchmark interest rate unchanged at a record high in his first policy meeting, while promising to lower borrowing costs gradually as price pressures ease.
  15. NSE’s Amendments on Trading Halts Due to Extraordinary Market Volatility

    The Exchange shall halt trading in all stocks and shall not reopen for the time period specified in this Rule if there is a Significant Market move in either direction
  16. NSE Amends Rules Governing Compliance Officers’ Appointment & Responsibilities

    These rules are made pursuant to Article 15 of the Rules and Regulations Governing Dealing Members (the Rules) and Section 6 of Policy No.01 NSE; and derive their force there from.
  17. NSE Amends Rules Relating to Board Meetings and AGMs; SEC Nods

    Directors or Trustees are responsible, collectively and individually, for ensuring that listed Issuers comply with the Exchange's Rules relating to their Board Meetings and General Meetings. The Exchange expects Directors and Trustees to fulfill fiduciary
  18. NSE Amends Rules Governing Transactions with Related Parties

    The objective of these Rules is to guard against the risk that interested persons could influence the Issuer, its subsidiaries or associated companies, to enter into transactions with such interested persons that may adversely affect the interests of the
  19. SEC Approves NSE’s Amendments to Listing Rules; Effective 1st November, 2014

    The principal function of The Exchange is to provide a fair, orderly and efficient market for the trading of securities. Every Issuer that is listed on The Exchange is required to provide The Exchange with timely information to enable it efficiently perfo
  20. CBN Releases Notice of Meeting of Foreign Exchange Officers of Banks

    This is to inform Authorized Dealers, Nigeria Customs Service, Standard Organization of Nigeria and National Agency For Food, Drug Administration and Control that the meeting of Foreign Exchange officers of banks has been scheduled to hold at the Sheraton
  21. CBN Extends Timeline for the Resolution of Complaints on Excess Charges and Loans to 30 Days

    Further to our circular referenced FPR/DIR/CIR/GEN/01/020 dated 16 August, 2011, directing Deposit Money Banks (DMBs), Discount Houses and Other Financial Institutions to set up and/or expand their existing ATM Help Desks to handle all customer complaints
  22. CBN Prohibits Loan Defaulters from Further Access to Credit Facilities in the Banking System

    The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has noted with concern the impunity with which some borrowers default on their loans in some Institutions and yet are availed further credit facilities by other Institutions under same or sometimes, different identity.
  23. EU Issues Grant to Support Nigeria's Power Sector

    The European Union seeks to support Nigeria's governance. (Image source: Benji Robertson/Wikimedia Commons)The European Union has signed a financial agreement for US$697bn with the Nigerian government to support the nation's infrastructure
  24. IOSCO Issues Report on Risk Identification and Assessment Methodologies For Securities Regulators

    The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) today published a report on Risk Identification and Assessment Methodologies for Securities Regulators, which provides a practical overview of the methods, approaches and tools that IOSCO an
  25. CBN rolls out Cash-Less Policy on July 1, 2014, postpones withdrawal charges in 30 States

    Having successfully completed phases 1 and 2 of the cash-less policy in six Pilot States and the Federal Capital Territory, the Management of the Central Bank of Nigeria hereby notifies all stakeholders and the general public that phase 3 of the policy’s
  26. VETGRIF30 Declares 10kobo Interim Dividend for Half-Year Ended June 30

    Closure of Register – Half-Year Ended June 30, 2014
  27. Domestic and Foreign Portfolio Participation in Equity Trading - May 2014

    On a monthly basis, The Nigerian Stock Exchange polls trading figures from major custodians and market operators on their foreign portfolio investments (FPI). The table below shows an analysis of transactions on The Exchange at the end of May 2014.
  28. Update on Planned Take-Over Bid of OASISINS by FBN Life

    Take-Over Bid Of I,872,911,465 Ordinary Shares Of 50k Each in Oasis Insurance Plc By FBN Life Ltd
  29. NSE Delists STARCOMMS, DAARCOMM, IAI, UTC, Big Treat and 16 Others; effective 3 Months from Now

    The Quotations Committee of the National Council of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, on Monday, June 2, 2014, approved the delisting of some entities from the Daily Official List pursuant to the provisions of the Greenbook (Listing Rules) of The Exchange, spe
  30. CBN Reshuffles Deputy Governors; Effective 23rd June, 2014

    In line with his vision of entrenching a more professional and people-focused central bank, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele, has approved the redeployment of Deputy Governors in the Bank.
  31. IOSCO Research Department Publishes Securities Markets Risk Survey

    The Research Department of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) today published a Staff Working Paper entitled A Survey of Securities Markets Risk Trends 2014: Methodology and Detailed Results, which provides a detailed analysi
  32. NSE Reviews Composition of Market Indices; CONOIL, MOBIL Are Likely Incomings

    The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has announced the expected review, by end of June 2014 of the NSE 30, NSE 50 and the five Sectoral Indices of The Exchange - the NSE Banking, NSE Consumer Goods, NSE Oil & Gas, NSE Industrial, NSE Insurance and the NSE Lo
  33. CBN Orders Banks to Refund Monies to Customers Shortchanged By ATMs

    The attention of the Central Bank of Nigeria has been drawn to the fact the DMBs have not been refunding their customers that have been shortchanged by the ATMs’ partial dispense error, while some with non-dispense error were also not refunded. This issue
  34. CBN Orders Banks to Refund Excess Commission on Turnover

    It will be recalled that the CBN, in conjunction with the Bankers’ Committee, issued the Revised Guide to Bank Charges (the Guide) on March 27, 2013. The Guide sought to standardise charges for various products and services offered by banks.
  35. CBN Maintains Highest Level in Information Security Standard (ISO27001) Compliance

    The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has maintained the highest level in information Security Standard (ISO 27001) compliance since being certified in July, 2013.
  36. NSE Announces Investor Relations Breakfast Meeting with NASDAQ OMX

    The Investor Relations Value Add is a key element of The Exchange's business development efforts aimed at creating a competitive edge for listed companies as regards investors interest, liquidity and value. As part of our suite of Value Added Services (X
  37. CBN Releases Economic Report for First Quarter 2014

    Broad money supply, (M2), recorded a modest growth of 0.2 percent at the end of the first quarter of 2014, compared with 1.2 percent at the end of the corresponding quarter of 2013. The development reflected, largely, the 2.1 and 7.9 per cent increase in
  38. Domestic and Foreign Portfolio Participation in Equity Trading - April 2014

    On a monthly basis, The Nigerian Stock Exchange polls trading figures from major custodians and market operators on their foreign portfolio investments (FPI). The table below shows an analysis of transactions on The Exchange at the end of April 2014.
  39. CBN Releases Guidelines on International Money Transfer Services in Nigeria

    In exercise of the powers conferred on the Bank by Section 2 (d) of the Central Bank of Nigeria Act, 2007 and Section 57 (2) of the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act (BOFIA), Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 to issue guidelines for the mai
  40. ECB Fires on Multiple Fronts

    The European Central Bank unveiled a wide range of measures designed to support Europe's gradual economic recovery. But in the absence of single big-shot policy, the central bank—and investors—are still left waiting.

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