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   Market Date: 20-08-2014   
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  1. Appraisal of the growing Private Equity funding markets in contemporary Nigeria

    The 2013 Global Limited Partner Survey, entitled: Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, stated that as of 2013, one-third of African countries economies were growing at more than 6% annually, and that Africa's economic landscape was demonstrating economic stamina by emerging relatively unscathed from the financial crisis in comparison with most other regions. Further, Africa continued to grow rapidly despite concerns about slowing growth in other emerging markets, such as China and India. Thus, as of present, Africa accounts for many of the world's fastest-growing economies, driven by an expanding middle class, improved business environments and increasingly stable political democracies.
  2. Keystone prepares for Core Investor takeover; to divest from African subsidiaries

    Keystone Bank in preparation for Core Investor takeover, has disclosed its plans to divest from its operations in African subsidiaries to focus on its business in Nigeria.
  3. Capital Raising: Fewer Firms Embrace IPO Market.

    Access to fresh capital exclusively remains a critical part of a company’s strategy, as companies generally need to understand how best to fulfil this ambition and purpose in order to fit in and also achieve its corporate goals and objectives.
  4. Profit Forecast of Oil & Gas still a Listing Reqmt. of the NSE (as approved by the SEC)

    This is a direct update/response to the argument about SEPLAT and the lack of a profit forecast in its IPO documents. A few have argued that the new SEC rules does not make profit forecasts mandatory. It appears trite but before the market goes into appro
  5. SEPLAT IPO: Kicking the Can Down the Dark Alley?

    In July 2010, SEPLAT acquired a 45 per cent. participating interest in, and was appointed operator of, a portfolio of three on-shore producing oil and gas leases located in the Niger Delta (OMLs 4, 38 and 41), which include the Oben, Ovhor, Sapele, Okporh
  6. SEPLAT IPO – Fair Deal for Who? What Qualifies SEPLAT for a Pioneer Status?

    Seplat Petroleum Development Company Limited (Seplat) is an indigenous exploration and production company incorporated in 2009 by Shebah Nigeria and Platform Nigeria. The company’s main objective is to take advantage of oil assets divestitures by IOCs in
  7. Equity Research on Seplat's Initial Public Offering

    Seplat Petroleum Development Company Limited (Seplat) is an indigenous exploration and production company incorporated in 2009 by Shebah Nigeria and Platform Nigeria. The company's main objective is to take advantage of oil assets divestitures by IOCs in
  8. Seplat US$500m IPO : Bookbuild Open/Prospectus

    Market update: The book building period for the Initial Public Offering of SEPLAT Petroleum Development Company Plc is now open.
  9. SEPLAT US$500m IPO : Price Range Announcement

    This announcement is an advertisement and not a prospectus. Investors should not purchase or subscribe for any transferable securities referred to in this announcement except on the basis of information in the prospectus (“Prospectus”) to be published by
  10. Economic liberalization takes two steps forward, one step back

    Still on the domestic front in our core strategy document Nigeria Strategy Report, we examine different reform initiatives of the FG and discuss our expectations for same in 2014.
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