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   Market Date: 23-04-2014   
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Capital Market

  1. 10 Active Stocks Investors are Selling-Down in 2014

    So far, the Nigerian stock market held on to moderate rally amid weak optimism in the new quarter after very difficult and bearish sessions from January through March 31st 2014. With this weak optimism on the Nigerian bourse, which of course has put the
  2. SEC lifts Suspension on Cashcraft Asset Management, Resumes Activities

    The Board of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at its 79th Meeting held on March 27, 2014 resolved that the suspension placed on Cashcraft Asset Management Limited , its management and sponsored individuals from all capital market activities
  3. Recall: Increase in authorised share capital requirements for CMO's

    Effective as of December 5 2013, the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission increased the minimum capital requirements for capital market operators.
  4. CBN Governor: Choice of bank CEOs impacts trading pattern of respective banks

    An impact analysis of the announcement of the Managing Director (GMD) of Zenith Bank Plc as the nominee for the position of next CBN Governor; on the share price of ZENBNK revealed a moderate impact as regards to moderate growth in average volume traded a
  5. One Continent - Many Countries: Issues Faced

    Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent in the world. Each of these countries maintains their own independent monetary and economic policies, and regulations; which impacts on inter-country trade for obvious sovereign consideration
  6. Sanusi Saga has a nil effect on Equities Trading to date

    Technically, the Sanusi suspension saga ended up having little or no effect on the Nigerian stock market as our post-scenario analysis reveals. The trend analysis conducted today revealed that Nigerian stocks were technically in a price correction moo
  7. NSE to Slash Transaction Costs by over N1bn

    Investors in the Nigerian Capital Market are in for good times as The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)has commenced the reduction of the cost of its Trade Alert service by about N1.24 billion from March 2014 via the scrapping of the current charge of 0.06% o
  8. Recommendation list as market uncertainties and price volatility surge

    So far in the year, the Nigerian capital market has been under serious heat of pessimistic trading- a sideline trading which could be traced to some (un)known economic and socio-political influences that continued to increase the level of uncertainties in
  9. Liquidity-pull crashes Nigerian equities

    Liquidity-pull from domestic and foreign investors has caused the Nigerian equities market to erode about N427 billion from its recent gains.
  10. Registrars impress with prompt resolution of investor complaint(s)

    The resolution of investors shares complaints and concerns represent the key service rendered by the Share Support Service (SSS) Unit of Proshare NG and we remain committed to discharging this tedious service as a component of our contribution to the mar
  11. Increased Growth Expectations from FMCG Stocks despite Uncertainties

    In recent time, analysis has shown that stocks in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector continue to witness uptrend in their prices, notwithstanding the uncertainties associated with the diversification of most of the companies in this sector to
  12. PZ Records Modest Growth in Top Line; Cardinal Stone Maintains SELL Rating

    PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc (PZ), released its H1'14 ( June - November) result to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) yesterday, the company declared an interim dividend of N0.1991, closure date is 3rd - 4th February, 2014, while the payment date is on the 12th
  13. Mobius Placing Biggest Wagers on Nigeria for Frontier Rally

    Mark Mobius, chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, is predicting Nigerian stocks will outperform the least-developed markets as Africa’s most populous nation expands faster than peers.
  14. NSE Facilitates Capacity Building for Market Makers

    The Nigerian Stock Exchange has signed agreement with J. STREICHER Advisory LLC (JSA), one of the top NYSE Designated Market Makers to train NSE Market Makers. The training which is compulsory for all NSE Market Makers is scheduled to run 20th and 22nd of
  15. The January Effect: Position Yourself to Benefit from an Early Start

    With December over and a new year unfolding, thoughts of the “January Effect” immediately comes to mind, with expectations that small cap stocks would outperform the general stock market. The January Effect is a seasonal anomaly in the financial market wh
  16. NCM '13: FO Tops 2013 Advancers with +1164.55% YTD Return

    The Nigerian Capital Market recorded an improved and remarkable feat in 2013, following enhanced optimism in the market, which is evident in the positive key indicators posted, as the market breadth which is used by investors to gauge the overall market s
  17. Will Foreign Investors continue patronage of the Nigerian Market in 2014?

    The Nigerian economy has so far recorded increased growth in its domestic economy, showing signs of sustained and substantial improvement in the economy. Despite this number, muted by the growing challenge of wealth inequality, concerns continue to linger
  18. Natural Resources Sector records grim performance: 1 out of 6 posted positive YTD gains

    Recent analysis on the performance of stocks listed in the natural resources sector of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, showed that only one(1) out of the five(5) stocks listed closed the year with positive YTD gains.
  19. Industrial Goods Sector supplements market performance as the NSE IND Index records +72.85% YTD Gain

    The Industrial Goods sector witnessed impressive performance in 2013, as it saw almost 50% of the stocks listed in the segment close with positive average returns as well as YTD returns. This impressive performance contributed to the general market perfor
  20. Nigerian Bourse fails to inspire Primary Market Activities in 2013.

    The primary market segment of the Nigerian Capital Market (NCM) which remained inactive over the last two years due to an extended curve in the stock market recovery drive, witnessed base/minimal activities in 2013 (from the all time high of 79 in 2006).
  21. FO and CONOIL outperform stocks in the Oil Sector with +1301.03 & +231.37% YTD Gains

    For over five decades, Crude Oil has been the main source of revenue in Nigeria, but its role as a key equity investment asset had been limited by the non-participation of the upstream sector in the Nigerian Capital Market. Be that as it may, the downstr
  22. Services Sector records poor performance in 2013; 11 of 21 firms post negative returns

    The general performance in the services sector- which consists of firms that provide a wide range of services for individuals, businesses and government establishments as well as other organizations, has been relatively poor during the year.
  23. The New Capital Base for Operators - About Time!

    The recently released guideline/timeline for capital market operators took a long time in coming, mainly in part because of the seriousness and significance the market places on extensive consultations and concurrence involved in this phase of the market
  24. COURTVILE witnesses 38% YTD Gain to lead ICT Stocks

    The potentials of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in our contemporary world remains an issue of utmost interest to the government, businesses and individuals in any society, due to rapid economic growth witnessed in recent times. Hence, the rel
  25. Opportunities in Construction/Real Estate Sector Looks Untapped

    For the Financial Year 2013, the Construction/Real Estate sector recorded a relatively low and unimpressive performance on the Nigerian Stock Exchange with an average return of +2.52%.
  26. How you can make TheAnalyst work better for you - Reader Survey

    One of the most important development criteria for Proshare is the ability of its portal to make doing business and investing a lot easier – in such a way that it allows everyone else to get on with their day’s job.
  27. TRANSCORP outperforms its peers in the conglomerates sector; records +14.56% Ave. in '13

    Investing in the stocks of firms listed in the conglomerates sector is often seen as a portfolio investment of sorts as the entities are made up of sub units operating diverse and sometimes far-stretched related business units.
  28. NSE hits new landmark; Long Lasting rally lies ahead- Proshare

    No doubt, we are technically heading into a complete participation stage- where more people (informed investors and speculators actually) are likely to get more involved in the incoming rally on the bourse but this time we expect it in a more refined mann
  29. Agriculture Records +39.21% Contribution to GDP in 2012; Witnesses +54.41% Average Return on NSE

    The primary barometer through which the health of an economy can be gauged is usually the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as it significantly presents the relative impact on individuals within such economy.
  30. NSE Oil & Gas Index Tops Sectoral Indices Review; Records +103.45 YTD Gain

    In the current year, the Nigerian Capital Market experienced a relatively bullish trend, as its present performance exceeds what was recorded in the preceding trading year. This bullish trend was spurred by efforts of the current Oscar Onyema led NSE mana
  31. Consumer Goods Sector Remains A Goldmine in 2014- Proshare

    No doubt, defensive stocks would remain the toast of value investors irrespective of the health of the economy as analysis have always revealed that such class of stocks are immune against economic uncertainty.
  32. Improved Fundamentals drives performance in Financial Sector

    A review of the financial sector performance in the year, using price analysis, revealed improved and sustained patronage towards financial stocks so far in the year 2013, particularly towards the banking and insurance stocks while the sector closed with
  33. Oando breaks 36-week resistance level, eyes N20.18kobo

    Today, Oando Plc recorded an impressive upsurge in price movement to break out of consolidation posture, hitting above its key resistance level with an upper breakout.
  34. High Dividend Paying Stocks: Investors Beware

    For investors, an important source of income is dividend; hence the reason majority prefer high dividend paying stocks. This buttresses the significance of returns on investment, as it is of utmost interest to every investor to make profit on their invest
  35. NSE ASI Ranks 2nd Among Top African Exchanges; Records +37.29% YTD gains

    So far in 2013, Africa’s equity market has recorded solid performance, outperforming other emerging markets through the implementation of vigorous economic reforms which continue to promote the growth of local companies that are poised to become major pla
  36. The Bears may not return to NSE in near term- Proshare

    No doubt, the bargain momentum on the Nigerian bourse appeared weaker recently due to volume of profiteering that have been taking place, this may persist as we move closer to end of the year 2013.
  37. Q3 2013 Results: UNITYKAP tops Best Performers as LEARNAFRCA tops otherwise

    The measurement of the results of a firm's policies and operations in monetary terms through financial analysis helps an investor to determine the financial performance as well as the viability of a company before reasonable investment is made in such ent
  38. IOSCO Issues Report on the Impact of Trading Fee Models on Trading Behaviour

    The International Organization of Securities Commissions today published its final report on Trading Fee Models and their Impact on Trading Behaviour, which provides a comprehensive overview of trading fees and trading fee models around the globe and how
  39. 2014 is here: Time to start buying tomorrow's top performers

    Nigeria's Looming Market Test - The dynamics of the Nigerian market would continue to change for the better if stakeholders can maintain an uncompromised posture towards market integrity and efficiency.
  40. Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank to List 4.17BN Shares on 111213

    The number of stocks in the Financial Services Sector of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as well as their market capitalization will next week receive a boost as Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank (ITMB) Plc is set to list 4.17billion ordinary shares of 50 ko

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