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December 03, 2007


Mr. Dayo Lawuyi, Director of Afribank Nigeria Plc, has listed stable Board and Management, diversified ownership, strong customer base and integrity of the Bank as some of the factors that attract prospective investors into the Bank.


Speaking at an investors’ forum in AbeokutaOgunState last weekend, Mr. Lawuyi, who is also the Chairman of Dunlop Nigeria Plc, stated that Afribank possesses investment statistics that attract discerning investors to subscribe to the on-going Public Offer of the Bank.



The Director noted further that Afribank is one of the banks that successfully turned the post-consolidation challenges of the industry into opportunities and extended such reward to customers. 


He said that the Bank is accessing the capital market for additional =N=100billion to fortify and strengthen its competitiveness, enable it finance mega projects, carry out market expansion strategies and consolidate on the success it has recorded since it went to the capital market in 2004.



Mr. Lawuyi assured that bountiful returns await investors who patronize the public offer. “Any investor who subscribe to the offer will immediately reap =N=5.39kobo on each share the moment the technical suspension is lifted.



He said that Afribank has a policy trust that enables it deliver value to stakeholders and it has lined up strategies to grow the financial institution organically and to offer superior return on investment.



The Director stated further that the Bank would continue to partner forward looking institutions locally and globally in its journey to becoming a leading financial institution in the world.



Also speaking at the forum, Mr. Henry Arogundade, General Manager, Commercial Banking, added that Afribank would continue to sustain its pioneering role in the industry with customer friendly products and services.



Mr. Arogundade said that the investing public would be making a right choice by subscribing to the Offer.



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