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   Market Date: 24-04-2014   
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Opinion & Analysis

  1. Ukraine Falling to Economic Warfare and Its Own Missteps

    As violence overtakes Ukraine in the east and Russian soldiers amass on the borders, it might be time to take a serious look at what Moscow's stated grievances are and why Ukraine's new leaders need to look east for unity and how they missed the boat on e
  2. The Cement Industry and Unrelated Matters

    Bet you guys heard about Anhui Conch (AC) or nah? No? I thought so. Anyway you've come to the right place. The picture below should give you an understanding.
  3. Why Ukraine's Next President Doesn't Matter

    The article takes a look at the upcoming Ukrainian presidential elections, who has the greatest chance of winning, who is damaged goods and what can the country expect from a new president. One of our sources in Ukraine has also just informed us that Yuri
  4. What the Loss of Crimea Means for Ukrainian Energy: Interview with Robert Bensh

    Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula is now Russia's. It was done with an impressively organized non-violent military operation, and supported by the foregone conclusion of a referendum on independence from Ukraine. One Ukrainian soldier was reportedly killed on 1
  5. Feyi Fawehinmi: Right Of Reply, This National Conference Must Succeed

    The first few paragraphs of Mr. Peterside’s admittedly well-written piece are a remarkable exercise in the business of contradiction. In seeking to openly undermine Nigeria’s democratic institutions, Mr. Peterside cannot avoid making a case for democracy
  6. Dynamics of Delta 2015 Guber Elections

    The 2015 elections may still be more than a year away but in Delta State, some of the gubernatorial hopefuls are already at one another’s throats in what is fast deteriorating into a rat race to Government House. My projection is that the desperation with
  7. The Case Against Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

    I do not come to venerate Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, for he is not a saint. As much as I admire him, there are flaws too obvious to ignore. But this is not a time for psychoanalysis; it is a time to set truth apart from fiction. When the (suspended) CBN Govern
  8. A Case of Uncounted Billions

    To a first-time visitor, much of Nigeria is likely to appear like the wreckage of a long war, what with its gutted roads, rutted infrastructure, the near-absence of electric power, and the paucity of pipe-borne water. It�s a developmental nightmare
  9. RE: CBN and the Presidential Directive on Kerosene Subsidy

    When Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was appointed the CBN Governor, he hit the ground running on a very good footing. However his recent self-righteous outrage against the NNPC in a careless and incoherent manner is beginning to raise questions about the true motiv
  10. Big Data for enhanced personnel Insight

    The dynamic nature of the modern job market is fuelling the need for deeper workforce insight across all levels of a business so that managers can make proactive personnel choices that will positively impact their operations. Today, the foundation for in
  11. Market Disruptor - Nuclear Restarts Spells Trouble for LNG

    Here is the latest article from Oilprice relevant for the Nigerian economy. It's a little longer than normal pieces syndicated from Oilprice, but a very interesting piece of research we hope you will find interesting.
  12. The Prodigal Naira, Old Wine in Old Bottle & Politics as Usual

    The influential Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of Nigeria’s Central Bank recently warned that the country continues to bleed its rainy day fund, the excess crude account, turning it into an unmitigated automated teller machine (ATM). According to the MPC
  13. Who Was Milton Friedman?

    The history of economic thought in the twentieth century is a bit like the history of Christianity in the sixteenth century. Until John Maynard Keynes published The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money in 1936, economics�at least in th
  14. Africa Confidentials’ Take on Sudan and Nigeria

    Here are two stories on the challenge of Politics in Africa at the detriment of economic development
  15. FINMA's new regulations and guidelines regarding market conduct of investors

    In November 2013 the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) punished Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) for manipulation of the market price of its participation certificates listed at the Swiss Exchange. The penalties included the disgorgement of il
  16. What Nigeria can learn from America’s Road Network

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), ranks as one of America’s most visionary Presidents ever. He is described as a “man given to big thoughts.” In 1937 he summoned to the White House, a man by the name, Thomas “The Chief” MacDonald, the head of the Bureau of
  17. The 18th Ram Principle

    Learning how to negotiate or/and resolve a seemingly intractable problem? Consider the approach deployed
  18. U.S. Trio Wins Nobel Economics Prize

    STOCKHOLM--A U.S. trio has been awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for their empirical analysis of asset prices, seen as a critical component in spotting trends in the markets.
  19. Dysfunctional Fiscal Governance and its Wages

    This decade and the last three could best be described as the age of the monetarists. More than ever before, the global economy has come to depend on both conventional and unconventional monetary policies by central banks- especially from advanced economi
  20. Don’t Be Fooled by Libya—This is a Failed State

    We have just published a very interesting piece that takes a look at the security and energy situation in Libya following the kidnapping of the Prime Minister by gunmen today. If you think it is a good fit for your readers please feel free to re-publish.
  21. What's Missing From the Whale Settlement

    The settlements between JPMorgan Chase & Co. and regulators are out. The total bill: $920 million, which includes deals with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as U.S. and U.K. banking regulators.
  22. Can Emerging Markets Avoid A “Hot-Money Meltdown”?

    Emerging markets have been the darlings of global investors for most of the last decade. But the speculative flows into emerging markets have created highly leveraged investment and spending booms that are in danger of falling apart now that the hot mone
  23. Nigeria's Population Census and the Fear of Truth

    Chief Festus Odimegwu (Chairman of the National Population Commission): "No census has been credible in Nigeria since 1816. Even the one conducted in 2006 is not credible. I have the records and evidence produced by scholars and professors of repute. This
  24. Transfer Pricing & Applicability of Article 9 of the OECD Model Tax Agreement by Nigerian Courts

    The globalization of the world economy, the fluid mobilization of the production factors, tax competitions and the outsourcing of production machineries and staff have made it necessary for individual countries� tax administrators and legislators t
  25. How You Can Beat the Stock Market by Becoming an Egg Farmer

    This week I'm asking you to forget everything you know about investing. Instead, think about your investments as if you were a farmer. And on your imaginary farm there are only chickens and eggs. The chickens are stocks, and the eggs are the dividends th
  26. Welcome to the Silicon Savannah: Nairobi's high-tech startups are now luring global giants like IBM and Google

    Kahumbu was working as an organic farmer outside of Nairobi, Kenya, in 2010, when she launched iCow, an app to help farmers track the gestation periods of cows. Its a very basic tool, yet vital in the bigger picture of a dairy farmer's life, says the 4
  27. Senator Yerima And Constitutional Review

    Once again, Senator Yerima is in the news, claiming Islam as the basis for his argument that a girl automatically transforms into an adult of full age once she is married, with the attendant responsibilities that relate to the renunciation of citizenshi
  28. Yerima, the Rest of Us & s29 of the Constitution - My Take

    I will attempt to address two issues here the unintended consequences of the proposed amendment; and Alhaji Yerima and the rest of us. First, it has become obvious that not a lot of us took time to read the contents and context of the senate reso
  29. Rebasing the GDP and its Placebo Effect

    The irony is that, a bigger GDP also implies an upward revision in per-capita income, but with the change only appearing on paper but with no shift in the actual income/earning power of Nigerians
  30. Rules Under the Bank Secrecy Act Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR),

    Rules Under the Bank Secrecy Act Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR), pursuant to 31 CFR 1010.350 and the Requirements to File Form TD F 90-22.1: Dual Nigerian-US Citizens' Obligation to Disclose Financial Accounts Outside the United St
  31. Making the most of Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Resources

    In the United States, more than 350,000 light-and medium-dutyvehicles travel the nations highwaysusing liquefied petroleum gas(LPG or LNG), while over 4 millionvehicles use it worldwide.
  32. Getting on the road to Eldorado: How Can Companies find a Differentiator?

    I work in an industry dogged by low perceived used value. My industry is Public Relations and just any guy, who has honed his skills in journalism and citizen publishing, feels he can ply my trade; hence everyone jumps in until we get to a point where no
  33. Could we have started WWIII?

    A few days ago, a colleague I was talking to asked me if I foresaw the world ever entering a stage of war that could be called World War III.
  34. Evolutionary Studies: Developing Nigeria’s Knowledge Economy

    The Nigerian government has the intention of becoming one of the top twenty global economies by the year 2020. Aptly titled Vision 2020, this future view of progress will not be fulfilled unless the nation substantially develops its knowledge economy, a
  35. Comparative Analysis of the Nigerian and Liberian Local Contents Act

    Nigeria and Liberia share a lot in common in terms of political instability and richness in natural resources. This author has always been in favor of appointing tested professionals as cabinet members in the Nigerian polity. The accomplishments of Harvar
  36. Is Tunisia the New Hot Spot for Energy Investors?

    Until recently Tunisia was considered to be a minor league and relatively underexplored venue in Africa's rapidly expanding oil & gas scene. This situation has quickly changed with new bid rounds and forced relinquishments creating an opportunity for new
  37. Mediocrity (not corruption) is Nigeria’s Greatest Problem

    I used to think corruption was Nigeria's biggest problem, but I'm starting to doubt that. Every time I probe into one of the many issues this country is encountering, at the core I find the same phenomenon: the widespread celebration of mediocrity.
  38. Testimony of Mary Jo White - SEC Nominee on Market Structure Reform

    In an effort to tamp down concerns that her experience as a top corporate defense lawyer would color her decision-making, Mary Jo White said Tuesday that "no institution would be too big to charge" if she is confirmed as head of the Securities and Exchang
  39. Peak Oil Is Almost Here and There's No Magic To Counter It: Interview with Dave Summers

    This where we stand, and it's a fairly bleak view: Peak oil is almost here, and nothing new (with the possible but unlikely exception of Iraq) is coming online anytime soon and while the clock is ticking - forward movement on developing renewable energy r
  40. Is the Nigerian Stock Exchange ready for high frequency Stock Trading?

    That the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) and the capital market regulations and laws are not as dynamic as those existing in the more sophisticated western world is not in dispute: what remains in contention is whether our laws and regulations are effective

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